More Efficient HiL Tests: Multiple-Server Operation and Data Logging with NovaCarts 4.1

New HiL Software Version comes equipped with expanded XiL-API

As of today the 4.1 version of the operation and control software NovaCarts from MicroNova is available for sale. An expanded XiL interface will boost the efficiency of test procedures through the simultaneous use of multiple real-time computers. Additionally, the new graphic user interface (GUI) enables configuration of the triggered recording of measured values.

MicroNova will present NovaCarts 4.1 as well as the new NovaCarts-XiL Platform live on the 18th and 19th of October 2017 at the ELIV convention in Bonn.

The integrated XiL interface has been expanded in NovaCarts 4.1 according to ASAM standards, and it corresponds to version 2.0.1 of the XiL-API standards. Thus, test engineers are able to simultaneously operate multiple real-time computers via the API. In addition to that, with the multiple-server operation, the capturing function in version 4.1 enables the simultaneous gathering of data from the various computer nodes involved in the control of the vehicle buses. This direct access to the connected Real-Time System considerably simplifies and accelerates the work done with the respective Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) system. Along with the expanded XiL-API and the new data-logging functionality, NovaCarts 4.1 offers, among other features, shortened loading time as well as clear data management and an automatic export of the work area. 

A New GUI for Data Logging

The GUI from NovaCarts 4.1 offers an expanded visualization of the recording of measured values in the NovaCarts HiL system. This new data-logging functionality supports the simultaneous recording of up to 1,000 parameters, which can be saved with variable chronological resolution. In addition to that, the so-called triggered recording of measured values is possible, in which a signal is recorded only once pre-defined thresholds have been reached or when certain events, for example, errors occur. Test engineers can also simulate concatenated trigger conditions. The measured data can be archived in MDF4 or CSV format. Each updated configuration of the data-logging user interface can be saved for use in further test runs. A correctly installed XiL-API is required in order to use the GUI.

MicroNova at the ELIV 2017

The testing team from MicroNova will introduce the NovaCarts 4.1 at the ELIV (Electronics in Vehicles) convention at stand 162. This international convention takes place on the 18th and 19th of October at the World Conference Center in Bonn. Other software that will be showcased include the new XiL-Platform NovaCarts as well as version 4.4 of EXAM. The test automation solution contains a completely re-engineered authorization system, which offers numerous new functions for user and role management. With this, data security and the ability to work in big teams can be ensured by enforcing data and function rights. 

“Our NovaCarts Platform allows engineers to conduct testing across departments company-wide, which makes for greater efficiency and agility. The solution supports all kinds of simulation testing: MiL, SiL, and HiL”, explains Martin Bayer, division manager of testing at MicroNova, as the convention draws near. “Additionally, the Test Cloud Controller takes over the assignment and execution of the tests. This relieves the test engineer and leads to a better use of resources. We will display these features, along with the current version of our test automation solution EXAM, this year in Bonn.”


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