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Generating test cases automatically

Engineers have usually implemented all test cases for Electronic Control Units separately and manually in an automation tool. The TestCase Generator (TCG) from MicroNova automates this process, further streamlining the process of test case generation many times over.

The NovaCarts TestCase Generator fully automatically creates test cases in the EXAM test automation solution from the test specifications. This is based on a uniform and clearly structured method, which substantially reduces costs for maintaining the test cases and improves traceability, comparability and reproducibility. Advantages from which companies from all industries benefit in ECU and software testing. The solution offers great savings potential in terms of time, effort and costs - while at the same time increasing quality and test coverage.

Automated Test Case Generation for HiL Testing (German)

Webinar recording from January 26, 2021, duration: 51 minutes

  • EXAM - overview of the test automation solution
  • Test case generation - presentation of the EXAM extension "Test Case Generator" (TCG)
  • Live Demo - Presentation of the Test Case Generator based on test cases

Efficiency and quality through automatic test case generation

  • Efficiency and time-savings:
    The TestCase Generator from MicroNova automates the process of generating test cases, thereby increasing efficiency in safeguarding electronic control units many times over. More results are available more quickly.
  • Quality assurance:Using the TCG for all test runs allows their results to be checked uniformly, and their progression to be reliably tracked. Standardizing test specifications will ensure consistently high quality in future.
  • Flexibility and performance:
    The generator approach allows test departments to respond quickly to the rocketing rate of change in functional development.
  • Simple traceability: 
    It is sufficient to check the test specification. An additional review of implementation is no longer necessary.
  • Optimum resource utilization:
    Thanks to automation, test engineers can spend more time on particularly complex cases.
  • Quick commissioning with low costs:
    The TCG can be seamlessly integrated into EXAM, so no additional and cost-intensive interfaces are required.

How it works

  • Central tool: The TestCase Generator understands the test specifications as a sequence of commands. Mapping these commands to EXAM operations automatically generates the test cases. This saves a lot of extra cost in implementation for testing that accompanies development.
  • Commands are mapped centrally in the EXAM model. Those writing test specifications set out clear requirements for new test specs, while existing ones can be adapted with minimal effort. The TCG then creates a full, executable test case as a sequence diagram from the user’s technical specifications in just a few seconds.
  • The TestCase Generator uses synchronized test cases from a specifications tool as the basis. Test procedures and parameters are maintained outside EXAM in requirements management. Changes are made centrally in the respective EXAM library or the associated “TestSpec”. Once made, the changes can then be easily applied to all test cases.
  • The TCG forms a functional enhancement to EXAM: it works as a plug-in and supports many convenient EXAM functions, since it is based on well-known concepts such as Shortnames or TestCaseStates


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