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MicroNova joins “Electric Mobility South-West” and “Fuel Cell BW” clusters

E-mobility testing expertise

MicroNova is actively engaging in the clusters “Electric Mobility South-West” (Elektromobilität Süd-West) and “Fuel Cell BW” (Brennstoffzelle BW). The company has been contributing its skills in test systems for electronic components in the field of electromobility to the two networks since the beginning of 2020.

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E-Mobility: “NovaCarts Charger” Secures Batteries for Storage and Transport

Charging/discharging system from MicroNova minimizes quality losses in batteries for electric and hy

MicroNova’s new NovaCarts Charger (NC Charger) supports automobile manufacturers and suppliers in monitoring, charging and discharging vehicle traction batteries. Thus, batteries can be made secure for transport and quality losses can be prevented during storage.

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New HiL Simulator for Fuel Cell Controllers: NovaCarts Fuel Cell

Simulation platform for the validation of Fuel Cell Control Units (FCCUs)

MicroNova has developed the “NovaCarts Fuel Cell” Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulator for testing fuel cell control units. NovaCarts Fuel Cell simulates the fuel cell stack as well as the environment of the associated control unit within the vehicle. It can be upgraded for future Fuel Cell Control Unit technologies by firmware update.

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Automotive Testing: Continuous Integration with EXAM

REST API plug-in from MicroNova integrates EXAM into CI workflow with Jenkins

MicroNova has developed an EXAM REST API plug-in for deployment with the test automation solution EXAM in a continuous integration process (CIP). The new plug-in automates test execution in build environments such as Jenkins, thereby increasing efficiency in testing electronic control units. More results are available faster that can then be immediately and continuously fed back into the...

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New version of NovaCarts HiL software for more efficient testing

Extended XiL API, new features for recording measured values and simplified parallel operation of Hi

Version 4.3 of the management and operating software NovaCarts from MicroNova is now available. An extended XiL interface, more comprehensive data logging and a wide range of functions for hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) tests increase the efficiency of test processes for electronic control units.

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Automotive Testing: New NovaCarts Test Case Generator creates test cases automatically

Uniform specifications enable wide test coverage and reliable comparability of results

The new NovaCarts Test Case Generator (TCG) from MicroNova is now available. This tool makes the electronic safeguarding of control units more efficient by automating the process of test case generation in EXAM. Because of its uniform basis and procedure, the test results are comparable and reproducible.

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Electromobility: Test Solutions for Battery Management Systems

NovaCarts cards and modules from MicroNova enable hardware-based and software-based simulations

The new NovaCarts cards from MicroNova are now available. The smart cards and modules can be combined with each other in flexible configurations and can simulate all conditions to which a battery management system (BMS) might be exposed. The solutions are future-proof and designed for the test requirements of future technologies, such as solid-state batteries.

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Centralizing information management with MicroNova’s Cluu apps

Tailor-made applications for the clear presentation of data from different sources

MicroNova now supports companies from all sectors with individual applications to monitor their data and, above all, keep them under control: Based on the application platform “Cluu”, individual apps can be created that merge, analyze and present data from various sources in a clearly arranged manner.

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More Efficient HiL Tests: Multiple-Server Operation and Data Logging with NovaCarts 4.1

New HiL Software Version comes equipped with expanded XiL-API

As of today the 4.1 version of the operation and control software NovaCarts from MicroNova is available for sale. An expanded XiL interface will boost the efficiency of test procedures through the simultaneous use of multiple real-time computers. Additionally, the new graphic user interface (GUI) enables configuration of the triggered recording of measured values.

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Automotive Testing Expo and International Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics 2017

MicroNova presents X-in-the-loop platform and the latest EXAM release

Version 4.4 of the test automation tool EXAM and the NovaCarts X-in-the-loop (XiL) platform – MicroNova is presenting two new solutions for testing electronic control units at the Automotive Testing Expo 2017 in Stuttgart (June 20-22) and at the International Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics in Ludwigsburg (June 27 & 28). The new release of EXAM now includes functions for assigning...

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