Accurate, highly dynamic simulation of lithium-ion batteries

NovaCarts Battery Cell Emulation Board – NC-BEB1001

The “NovaCarts Battery Cell Emulation Board“ (NC-BEB1001) simulates the electrical behavior of lithium-ion battery cells and fuel cells, thus making the board the ideal solution for validating battery control units and charging systems. Compared to the  “NovaCarts Cell Simulation Board” (NCBEB1000), it offers a number of new functions.

Further Information

The most important functions include

  • improved voltage range also for small negative voltages
  • increased accuracy
  • increased equalization current up to 5 A
  • exact measurement of charge and discharge currents
  • exact measurement of charge flow to and from battery management systems
  • measurement of leakage currents
  • simulation of impedance spectroscopy up to 10 kHz due to extremely high dynamics and accuracy

These unique features facilitate the testing of the next generation of battery management systems. Due to its high dynamics and enormous computing power, the NovaCarts Battery Cell Emulation Board offers optimal conditions for the development of innovative, future battery management functions as well as new battery types (e.g. solid state lithium cells) ranging up to fuel cells.

Due to its high flexibility and computing power, the board can be easily and cost-effectively extended with new functions by means of firmware updates. One option is an electrochemical cell model for lithium-ion cells developed by Fraunhofer IEE. This model simulates the exact behavior of Li-ion cells over the entire range of the battery life cycle, including state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH). It can be used to simulate the state of a battery in any condition - with μs resolution for electrical simulations that even enable impedance spectroscopy for control devices.


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