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Testing Solutions Portfolio

MicroNova offers holistic solutions for all aspects of testing: from turnkey Hardware-in-the- Loop (HiL) test benches, to software solutions for test automation, professional on-site support, and comprehensive consulting services. MicroNova’s portfolio of products and services fully covers the testing process and supports companies in optimizing their entire testing landscape.

NovaCarts - HiL Simulation

NovaCarts at a Glance

"NovaCarts" is one of the most powerful and advanced hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) platforms on the market. The entire family of products is characterized by maximum modularity and scalability, as well as enhanced networking options. It adapts to dynamic conditions easily and efficently - enabling perfect inter-departmental and cross-project testing processes and outcomes.

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NovaCarts Charger

The NovaCarts system is used to control, charge and discharge vehicle traction batteries. The compact device is operated on a three-phase industrial supply network and can be used flexibly due to its construction on rollers. When charging a battery, power is taken from the mains, when discharging, the power withdrawn from the battery is fed back into the mains.

NovaCarts Fuel Cell featuring Smart-TS MCM

The hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulator “NovaCarts Fuel Cell featuring Smart-TS MCM” offers one of the most powerful platforms for the simulation of fuel cells and supports the development of alternative and electrified drives. The modular and scalable HiL system is ideal for validating new functions in Fuel Cell Control Units (FCCUs). In combination with the HiL system “NovaCarts Battery”, functions of the connected battery, such as State-of-Charge (SoC) and State-of-Health (SoH) controls as well as cell balancing can be simulated.

NovaCarts: Perfect Tools for Rapid and Precise BMS Tests

Battery Management Systems (BMS) are fundamental components of electric and hybrid vehicles, since they guarantee safe and reliable battery operation as well as a long battery life. Consequently, comprehensive  BMS tests are of great importance to automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

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NovaCarts Custom Solutions

NovaCarts Boards, Modules and Software


EXAM - EXtended Automation Method

Time pressure, cost pressure, quality assurance: In vehicle development, the number and complexity of tests required to validate electronic control units (ECUs) is steadily on the rise – at the same time, budgets are shrinking and development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Technologies such as Autonomous Driving or the Connected Car require an enormous amount of test cases on account of the multitude of scenarios that need to be tested. The result is complex processes, huge amounts of data and ever new challenges for testing departments and suppliers. The solution is automation and standardization of test processes with location-independent use of X-in-the-Loop (XiL) resources.

EXAM Version Control

EXAM Version Control enables safe working on “live systems” through model-based versioning of test cases. The ModelDomains introduced with EXAM 4.4 serve as repositories. The versioned elements reside within these ModelDomains, allowing certain work states of related elements to be fixed.

EXAM - Test Cloud Controller (TCC)

New technologies, such as automated driving or the connected car, require improved and flexible test methods. The Test Cloud Controller from MicroNova automatically assigns test orders to available resources worldwide. This frees up the test engineers and improves the utilization of existing HiL Systems.


EXAM - Test Case Generator (TCG)

Engineers have usually implemented all test cases for Electronic Control Units separately and manually in an automation tool. The TestCase Generator (TCG) from MicroNova automates this process, further streamlining the process of test case generation many times over.


Continuous Integration with EXAM

Short development cycles and the accompanying continuous increase in the number of vehicle functions along with a greater diversity of options make ECUs more complex and thus place higher demands on test tools and test automation during development. This is why build environments
are playing an increasingly important role in the associated software tests. Using conventional methods, test cases are usually executed manually on test benches by test designers
or coordinators.

EXAM ALM Synchronizer

This extension for the test automation solution EXAM synchronizes test cases and results between ALM systems and EXAM. The synchronization ensures a reliable, efficient and consistently traceable test process.

EXAM - Trainings

Based on the latest release, MicroNova offers professional and practical EXAM Test Modeller Trainings to ensure an effective and proper application of EXAM as well as its
distribution in the market.

Individual Software Development

Our Services

We develop custom-made software for development, IT, after-sales and production-related departments in the automotive field. We specialize in solutions that faciliate the management and processing of technical data, and improve the efficiency of associated processes and workflows. 



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