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Support for young motorsports talents: MicroNova sponsors two Formula Student teams Herkules Racing Team Kassel and Rennschmiede Pforzheim e. V. are developing their own racing cars for the student design competition.

The “Formula Student” competition has been attracting students from all over the world to take on a unique challenge for a number of years. These teams compete against each other with racing cars they have designed themselves, demonstrating their skills and creativity.

Hot Topic: Cyber Security Interview with MicroNova CEO Orazio Ragonesi

Cyber security is currently one of the most important topics in technology development and therefore also concerns the company's customers. What does MicroNova offer to meet these challenges?

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) system for Rennschmiede Pforzheim MicroNova has supported Rennschmiede Pforzheim e.V. as a platinum sponsor since 2023

Energy: science and industry exchange Professors and students discuss innovation opportunities in the field of energy supply at MicroNova.

Whether climate or global politics - the energy supply is currently under scrutiny, especially in Germany, and is very likely to change significantly. On July 5, 2022 in Vierkirchen, teachers and students of the course "Regenerative Energies / Electrical Engineering" of the Munich University of Applied Sciences discussed the how with MicroNova representatives.

Blühpakt Bayern: MicroNova is part of it MicroNova is now officially part of the alliance against insect mortality and species decline

"The number of insects and their species richness have declined massively. With the Blühpakt Bayern we want to stop this trend and develop a broad alliance to achieve this." - so it says on the web pages of the Bavarian Blüpakt Bayern. MicroNova is now officially part of this alliance.


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