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Here you will find videos and webinar recordings on the subject of consulting. Further information and downloads can be found here.

ISO 26262 - Development and testing with functional safety (German)

Webinar recording from March 9, 2021, duration: 42 minutes

  • Introduction to ISO 26262
  • ISO 26262 Gap Analysis
  • Tool qualification according to ISO 26262 Part 8

Artificial intelligence in practice (German)

Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 18 minutes

  • Overview of artificial intelligence use cases (e.g., voice assistants, fraud detection, autonomous driving).
  • Explanation Strong vs. Weak AI
  • A brief history of AI
  • AI and Safety

AI technologies (German)

Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 18 minutes

  • Basic concepts of AI: Data Analytics, Evolutionary Algorithms, Machine Learning and Neural Networks
  • Requirements for Artificial Intelligence: handling of large amounts of data, robustness, generalization
  • Presentation of the functioning and training of an artificial neural network
  • Explanation of supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning

Implementation of AI projects (German)

Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 14 minutes

  • Implementation of an AI project using the process models CRISP-DM and CRISP-ML
  • Project start and business understanding
  • Data preparation, data understanding and feature engineering
  • AI Modeling and Testing
  • Visualization and Deployment

vECU - more efficient testing with ECU virtualization (German)

Webinar recording from April 27, 2021, duration: 39 minutes

  • What is a virtual ECU and what can a virtual ECU do?
  • Where does virtual testing help in software validation?
  • Where can the virtual ECU be embedded in the test landscape?
  • What advantages does it bring?
  • Which existing prerequisites can be used?


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