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From flexible, dynamic and reliable technologies for the very network operation through to the Internet of Things (IoT): Revenues are generated in new, often globally conceived business models and according user experiences. Mobile operators need a powerful infrastructure if they are to be able to support the appropriate use cases. MicroNova relies on the technological competence, industry know-how and passion of our experts – as well as the strong partners in leading organizations in the industry mentioned below.

Helping users at all positions of the IoT value chain to advance their processes and the digitalization of their business – this is how the mission of amplía))) can be described in a nutshell. With a highly qualified and experienced team of 35 employees, amplía))) develops the products and solutions it offers entirely in-house, placing great emphasis on effective quality assurance and robust security mechanisms for its IoT and M2M solutions. All this is evident in its powerful and reliable OpenGate© IoT Platform, designed from the ground up as a layer-based architecture. Currently, a total of over twelve million managed instances, more than ten million daily operations, and around eight million transactions speak for themselves – as do the three consecutive ratings by MachNation as one of the best IoT platforms in the world.

With MicroNova and amplía))) joining forces, we are looking forward to great IoT projects in Germany that will help our clients thrive. MicroNova’s result-driven approach and amplía)))’s leading technology both represent the expansion of new business models and the optimization of existing operations. Javier Martinez | CEO, amplía)))

The goal of the cooperation between atesio GmbH and MicroNova AG is to simplify the management of mobile networks through more automation functions. Against the backdrop of the highly dynamic operation of mobile radio stations, such extensive automation reduces costs and optimizes availability and performance. This is all the more true in the context of the increasing use of 5G technology, which brings even more complexity, as well as for campus networks.

A spin-off of the ‘Zuse Institute Berlin’ (ZIB), atesio has extensive expertise in the automation of software-driven processes in the mobile communications sector. The company’s invaluable experience also covers Radio Access Networks (RAN) and wireless as well as (W)CDMA networks. Such optimization extends to the implementation of energy-saving measures through increasing the efficiency of mobile networks.

The aim of the cooperation between highstreet technologies and MicroNova, which has been in place since October 2020, is to support mobile communications companies in the introduction and operation of 5G and the associated technology shift. With projects based on SDN technology, the major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are given comprehensive opportunities to further optimize the configuration and operation of their networks. In this context, MicroNova is also involved in the „Open SDN & NFV Lab“ (OSNL) started by highstreet technologies in Berlin.


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