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Whether mobile technology or Internet of Things (IoT) – both areas cover a wide range of technologies. In order to be agile yet powerful at the same time, MicroNova works in a focused manner and cooperates with best-in-class partners in both areas.

Better together - this also applies to technologically demanding projects. Both in the area of mobile network management and in the area of Internet of Things, MicroNova works together with strong partners who offer leading solutions for the respective area. The result: Our customers receive the optimal solution for them - consistent, from a single source and ideally coordinated. Irrespective of whether for the area of Radio Access Networks (RAN) or IoT.


amplía))) – the Spanish company stands for best-in-class IoT solutions. With their help, MicroNova is paving the way into the IoT age for customers in the DACH region. The basis are powerful, scalable and secure IoT architectures based on the OpenGate© IoT framework.

OpenGate© allows powerful and flexible IoT solutions to be implemented very quickly. amplía))) has already convinced a large number of companies of these capabilities - from leading Spanish energy suppliers to international logistics providers. Many millions of sensor-based data records are reliably collected and evaluated day after day - and thus transformed from mere zeros and ones into valuable assets with which companies can save time and costs and optimise processes.

With MicroNova and amplía))) joining forces, we are looking forward to great IoT projects in Germany that will help our clients thrive. MicroNova’s result-driven approach and amplía)))’s leading technology both represent the expansion of new business models and the optimization of existing operations. Javier Martinez | CEO, amplía)))


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