NovaCarts High Speed I/O Board – NC-GMB3010

Highest computing power for fast electric motor simulations


This high speed I/O board has been designed for the simulation of electrical motors. It contains a system-on-chip module (SoC), which consists of a sophisticated FPGA and a quad-core processor (Zynq UltraScale+). This allows the simulation models for electrical motors to be split into two parts: a high-speed part running on the FPGA and a low-speed part running on the processor or on a separate simulation node. It is also possible to simulate phase currents as well as signals of rotatable shafts and inverters. The board offers a high number of high-speed digital and analog signals.

The board is suitable for the simulation of DC/DC converters or electronic control units for inductive charging. The board offers eight analog inputs with a sampling frequency of 4 MHz. Additionally, the board provides 32 digital outputs and 32 digital inputs that can be operated with a frequency of up to 20 Mhz.

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