Test Cloud Controller

For a worldwide use of testing resources

New technologies, such as automated driving or the connected car, require improved and flexible test methods. The Test Cloud Controller (TCC) from MicroNova automatically assigns test orders to available resources worldwide. This frees up the test engineers and improves the utilization of existing HiL Systems.

The TCC consists of two parts: The server component, which is installed on an application server, and the client component, which is integrated into the test automation (e.g., EXAM) as an additional plug-in. This augments the test automation tool with the necessary functionality and thereby enables access to the TCC system. As part of the test automation, the test engineer in charge can then decide whether the test order should be executed locally or transferred to a remote system by the TCC. This spatial separation of test system from test engineer optimizes the global utilization and productivity of available test resources.

Further Information

Continuous Testing of HiL Testcases Webinar (Englisch)

Webinar Recording from May 20, 2021, duration: 44 minutes

  • What is EXAM?
  • What is continuous testing?
  • EXAM in a CI workflow with Jenkins
  • Scheduling of tests orders with EXAM TCC
  • Live-Demo 


  • Efficiency and Time-saving:
    The centralized and automated assignment of orders increases the availability and productivity of the test system, among all subsidiaries and across geographical borders.
  • Optimal Utilization of Resources:
    Considering the ever-increasing testing requirements, the TCC is an important step toward 24/7 testing.
  • Flexibility and Internationalization:
    The existing HiL systems are made available for use by external partners, thereby enabling, for example, integration tests for suppliers.
  • Rapid Implementation at Low Cost:
    The TCC acts as an enhancement, which can be easily integrated into the existing server infrastructure. Therefore, cost-intensive or time-consuming new developments are not necessary.

Operating Principle

  • The Test Cloud Controller assigns the test orders independently, according to pre-defined rules, to X in the loop (XiL) resources with available capacity. For long-time test runs, such as scenarios of autonomous driving, the TCC assigns test suites to multiple and suitable simulation systems where test execution is being conducted.
  • The dashboard “TaskView” displays the status of all test runs of the respective user. Once a test run is successfully completed, the client plug-in automatically provides access to the corresponding report.
  • Remote control: The hardware in the loop (HiL) system can be configured by the TCC via a generic interface (switching of ECUs and loads).
  • Efficient Integration into the Test Automation: The procedural method of the TCC is no different from the start of a normal test run taking place directly in the local HiL system.
  • Status information (load, availability) of the HiL system triggered by the TCC is easily available at any time.
  • An easy-to-use web interface allows remote administration and configuration of the Test Cloud Controller.


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