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Constant growth and stability


300 employees at MicroNova

300 people are now working at nine different locations for MicroNova.

"Architektouren" at MicroNova

The new MicroNova building is selected by the Bavarian Chamber of Architects as a showpiece for the so-called "Architektouren 2019" and opens its doors for the public in June 2019.  The plans for the building were developed by the architectural office Obereisenbuchner in Pfaffenhofen (Ilm).

Award for compatibility of family and career

In July 2019, the President of the Bavarian State Parliament Ilse Aigner awards MicroNova the "Partnerstein" on behalf of the county chapters Dachau of the Frauenunion (FU), the Mittelstandsunion (MU) and the Christlich-Soziale Arbeitnehmerunion (CSA). The prize is awarded for special merits in promoting the compatibility of family and career.


Move into the new building #6

In May 2018, MicroNova moves into the newly completed building number 6 in the campus-like Vierkirchen Business Park. With 3,500 sqm of office space, the new headquarters are located directly opposite company building #17, which has been in use since 1994 and now houses the Testing Solutions division. About 160 employees work together in both buildings.


Foundation stone ceremony „Business Park Vierkirchen“

In May 2017, MicroNova celebrates the foundation stone ceremony for its new “Business Park Vierkirchen”. On approximately 3,500 square meters of office space, the new Building #6 will offer three floors and a capacity for 100 work places.

30 Years of MicroNova!

The milestone birthday in April is not only the occasion for a small celebration, but also for a special edition of the corporate magazine InNOVAtion summarising many informative figures, facts and data as well as some special, worth reading anecdotes of the company’s history. By now around 230 employees are working for the MicroNova Group, including the AG as well as the subsidiary in the Czech Republic and the affiliate in Kassel, Germany.


MicroNova founder changes in the supervisory board

On January 1, MicroNova founder Josef W. Karl resigns from his position as CEO of MicroNova AG and becomes chairman of the Supervisory Board. Orazio Ragonesi is named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Mangaging Board of MicroNova; Dr. Klaus Eder continues to serve as Chief Operating Officer(COO).


MicroNova founds subsidiary in the Czech Republic

In November 2015, MicroNova AG founds the first foreign subsidiary: cz.MicroNova s.r.o takes care of clients at its location in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic).

MicroNova AG and carts GmbH expand their managements

With effect from May 1, 2015 the Supervisory Board of MicroNova appoints Dr. Klaus Eder and Orazio Ragonesi as members of the Managing Board of the company. Orazio Ragonesi is named deputy CEO. Josef W. Karl, so far sole member of the Managing Board, presides as CEO. Moreover, Dr. Klaus Eder complements the management of the subsidiary carts GmbH (since January 2017: ks.MicroNova GmbH) headquartered in Kassel and joins Josef W. Karl and Orazio Ragonesi as Managing Director.


EXAM 4.0 

MicroNova develops version 4.0 of the test automation solution EXAM, which is implemented globally across the Volkswagen Group. The roll-out is planned for the end of the year.


ViViAN connects medical doctors' networks

MicroNova unveils the networking solution ViViAN, which paves the way for a secure exchange of medical information between medical practices, clinics, care establishments, and other stakeholders within the healthcare system. The company creates the technological basis for an integrated, cross-sector patient care.


25 Years of MicroNova!

In April, employees, customers, and management celebrate a quarter of a century of MicroNova. A glance at the company history shows that there have been many successes and that MicroNova has always been on a solid footing even during times of economic downturn. 110 employees now stand for quality and the power of innovation at offices in Ingolstadt, Vierkirchen and Wolfsburg.

New business sector: eHealth & Medical IT

MicroNova AG establishes the new business unit eHealth & Medical IT for the sales and distribution of the medical documentation solution VisioDok. The software was developed by P&L EDV-Systeme GmbH, whose solutions have belonged to MicroNova since January 2012.

Configuration management for roll-out and operation of LTE networks

MicroNova AG integrates the LTE technology in the established 'Common Planning & Configuration Manager' (CPCM), which supports the planning and operation of mobile networks.


NovaCarts: A joint product from MicroNova and carts

MicroNova and carts (since January 2017: ks.MicroNova) introduce the modular designed HiL system NovaCarts, which facilitates the flexible testing of Electronic Control Units.

Cooperation agreement with Controlware 

MicroNova AG begins a cooperation in the field of IT Management with Controlware, a renowned German systems integrator and IT service provider.

Third time around for EXAM

EXAM, the test automation software used across the Volkswagen Group is immediately available in the new Version 3.0.


The 100th employee

Over 100 people can now call MicroNova AG their company following the creation of new posts over the last twelve months. 


The beginning of a close cooperation: MicroNova and carts

From this moment, MicroNova begins a close cooperation with the HiL-manufacturer carts GmbH (since January 2017: ks.MicroNova GmbH) from Kassel, Germany. MicroNova owner Josef W. Karl has taken over carts Real-Time Solutions GmbH within the framework of a 'transferential restructuring' and has re-founded the company under the name carts GmbH, retaining all of its 35 employees. At the time of the takeover, the company has significant potential, a good structure, and a solid order book. 

Opening of the Ingolstadt office 

MicroNova AG opens a new office in Ingolstadt in order to reach even more customers.


During this year, MicroNova takes on the official distribution of the test-automation solution EXAM, to be deployed worldwide, across the entire Volkswagen Group. The company releases EXAM 2.0 and assumes the responsibility for training. The company publishes its own EXAM website to facilitate the downloading of the solution. Furthermore, MicroNova takes over the responsibility for the EXAM implementation and adjustments with suppliers, as well as the further development of EXAM as a whole.


MicroNova AG is born from MicroNova electronic GmbH

MicroNova electronic GmbH and the TWT AG Technologie and Wissenstransfer (technology and knowledge transfer) merge to become MicroNova AG. MicroNova founder Josef W. Karl took over TWT AG in 2003 from ITW e.V./Munich University of Applied Sciences, with a view to further developing what was then a purely higher education portal into a university-related consulting company for the areas of automobile and information technology.

Opening of the Wolfsburg office

MicroNova AG founds a subsidiary in Wolfsburg in order to support the implementation of EXAM in the Volkswagen Group.

Universal motor HiL system – One for All!

The company unveils a NovaSim HiL-Simulator to the market, allowing both diesel and petrol engines to now be tested with a single device. 


20 years of MicroNova!

A round number, a number to be proud of: The company has grown to 60 employees since it was founded 20 years ago.


EXAM develops from TARA and ITS 

Since 2006, MicroNova has developed to become the largest development partner for AUDI and VW for the UML-based test automation solution EXAM (EXtended Automation Method) that standardizes the test programming within the Volkswagen group.


Configuration management for mobile radio standard UMTS

MicroNova develops a management solution for o2 for the neighborhood relationships of radio cells, which, among other aspects, regulates the transfer of a telephone call from one radio cell to the next; the genesis of what would later be the 'Common Planning & Configuration Manager (CPCM)'.

NovaSim is born

The development of the 'NovaSim' HiL simulators for ECU testing gets underway. The focus lies in the automotive areas of engine, comfort, and infotainment. 


From service provider to solution provider / MicroNova's 15th birthday

From a position as a purely service-based company, MicroNova develops more and more into a provider of products and standard solutions. For this purpose, the company defines a product management process under ISO 9001, which manages the entire life cycle of a product. At the same time, the company celebrates its 15th birthday.

Partnership with AdventNet Inc.

MicroNova electronic GmbH becomes the exclusive distribution partner of AdventNet Inc. – now ZOHO Corp. – for the German speaking region. MicroNova is still today the distributor for ZOHO solutions, known now to IT administrators by the brand-name ManageEngine.


Ten years of MicroNova

MicroNova electronic GmbH celebrates ten years of existence. At this time the company employs 25 people.


All-wheel transmission test bed / first ISO certification

In order to facilitate a test for different types of gears, including front, rear, and all-wheel, MicroNova develops a five machine, all-wheel transmission test bed. In the same year the company gains approved certification for the first time through the German TÜV Süd under ISO 9001.


Driving simulator for all-terrain vehicles / break management software for rail vehicles

MicroNova delivers a true to life, system-related software for driving simulators, which, among other factors, recreates the effective acceleration, the driver view, and driving sounds. The company also takes on the responsibility for the specification, creation, and testing of software for a brake-system manufacturer. The tested brake-management system is deployed on rail vehicles including, for example, the Munich tram system and the ICE (InterCity Express) trains.


The Company moves into its own premises in Vierkirchen

In 1994, having needed to rent a second office in Dachau due to a lack of space, the company moves into its own building (1800msq) in Vierkirchen with some 20 employees.


First large-scale telecommunications project

Within the context of a project extending over several years, MicroNova develops software for a management-system for telecommunications networks. 


Embedded software

From 1990, MicroNova deals primarily with real-time critical embedded software. Among the projects is the development of a high-precision radio clock for the synchronization of distributed telecommunication nodes, designed for a globally operating telecommunications group.


First employee / MicroNova grows

The first employee, who celebrated his 25th company anniversary on 1st January 2013, joins the young company. Just a few months later, MicroNova moves – now with three employees – into a 200msq office space at Münchner Straße 41, in Dachau, close to Munich.


Foundation / First large order

In April 1987, Josef W. Karl founded MicroNova electronic GmbH, in Jetzendorf, Germany. Soon afterwards came the first order for the development of the basic software and hardware for a digital multi-processor system.


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