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Early tests without test bench

"NovaCarts Virtual" is a real-time simulation application from MicroNova specifically designed for use in CMR environments (test environments with real and virtual components). The software for (HiL) simulations consists of various components such as hardware drivers, software for vehicle buses and communication protocols.

The application's modular architecture allows NovaCarts Virtual to run on a variety of computing nodes: from bare-metal Intel hardware to local virtual machines and highly scaled cloud configurations.

Since NovaCarts Virtual Hardware is connected via real-time Ethernet, all I/O cards as well as vehicle buses can also be operated from virtual nodes. A cloud-enabled I/O card located close to the control unit can also ensure the real-time operation required for CMR environments.

A major advantage of NovaCarts Virtual Software is that all models are interchangeable between HiL computers and virtual environments without any changes required. This means that simulation models only need to be developed for one platform. A compiled simulation can be used without recompilation on a hardware node (HiL computer), in a local virtual machine, or in a local or commercial cloud environment.

The use of the same configuration tools for all nodes makes the use of NovaCarts Virtual very straightforward. HiL configurations can also be reused to a great extent, dispensing with the need for additional training.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Software tried and tested over decades is available on all nodes (even virtual ones). Models do not need to be redeveloped or adapted for virtual environments.
  • Binary compatibility of simulations in all environments
  • Control of HiL hardware, including from virtual environments for CMR configurations

NovaCarts Virtual Software is available as "NovaCarts Virtual Local" and "NovaCarts Virtual Cloud". A web-based interface (NovaCarts Web-API) and a web interface for HiL configurations (NovaCarts Web-API GUI) are available for both versions.

NovaCarts Virtual Local

The "NovaCarts Virtual Local" application is a pre-configured NovaCarts software package included in the standard license for the NovaCarts Test Operation Software. NovaCarts Virtual Local is a virtual machine that behaves like a NovaCarts real-time computer without any hardware connected. This virtual test environment is particularly suitable for cost-effective testing of simulations without using actual test benches.

This enables test departments to carry out initial tests of an ECU software at a very early stage in the development process or to prepare and verify model considerations - without taking up test times on an HiL simulator.

What is more, the virtual real-time computer can also be used to carry out a lot of preliminary work on the content for the actual tests on the test bench. Optimum preparation helps to make the most efficient use of scarce resources on the HiL simulators.

A simulation model verified with NovaCarts Virtual Local can be used on other NovaCarts computing nodes (e.g. a HiL system) or on a computing node in the cloud without recompilation.

NovaCarts Virtual Cloud

The "NovaCarts Virtual Cloud" application enables any configuration of NovaCarts HiL components to be operated like a real-time HiL computer. For example, I/O cards and vehicle buses can be operated together with simulations.

With NovaCarts Virtual Cloud, all simulation programs as well as the operating software run in a container and can be operated over the Internet, thus making configurations like those shown in the practical example below possible.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Use of modular binary-compatible models reduces effort and shortens development times
  • No additional training required thanks to the use of the same configuration tools for all NovaCarts computing nodes
  • Wide range of functions and reliable operation thanks to proven NovaCarts components 
  • Scalability as desired, only limited by the size of the simulation cloud, allowing vehicle networks and wind farms to be represented, too.
  • Ready for continuous integration
  • Increased efficiency through automated model and test bench configuration 
  • Remote test stations and e.g. 3D-visualized test bench runs at any location worldwide
  • Improved supplier integration with shared software assurance
  • New business models through "bookable" test bench times

Practical Example

In this use case, the setup consists of several physical control units, simulation models for vehicle dynamics, and HiL operating software. The test engineer is located several thousand kilometers away from the test setup. Even so, new software components can easily be imported and tests performed remotely. This approach results in significantly increased efficiency. The time-consuming shipping of hardware is no longer necessary, and developers no longer have to worry about maintaining hardware setups, but can instead devote their full attention to the tasks at hand.


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