NovaCarts eEngine

Dynamic real-time simulation of electric motor control units


NovaCarts eEngine allows automotive manufacturers and suppliers to simulate entire electric motors. As the HiL simulator is highly dynamic, it can be used to test various control units used in hybrid drives in realistic conditions.

The electric motor models of NovaCarts eEngine are designed as software – unlike other solutions available on the market. This means that test engineers no longer need to spend valuable time converting them to FPGA (field programmable gate array) models.

NovaCarts eEngine is ideal both for automated testing of new software versions as well as for special test routines in accordance with the OBD standard. Furthermore, the electric motor simulator can be easily and quickly combined with NovaCarts Battery, allowing automotive manufacturers and suppliers to simulate the entire electrically powered powertrain of electronic or hybrid vehicles with voltage curves under load, and to test the communication between the battery management system and the electric motor.


  • Extremely versatile: Extensive testing of all electric motor electronic control units used in hybrid/electric drives, enabling component tests including comprehensive rest-bus and signal simulation or full-feature tests as well as manual and automated test processes
  • Shorter compilation times thanks to software-based models
  • Faster electronic control unit switching thanks to the modular design and connection of the test specimens via a cable harness
  • Ease of use: MATLAB/Simulink model that can be customized and extended to meet the requirements for physical simulation


  • High-resolution simulation model with step width of a few tens of microseconds thanks to distribution over separate processor cores. The software outsources the highly time-critical portions to fast FPGA hardware.
  • Simulation of position encoder signals (analog, digital and modulated)
  • CAN matrix with error activation, measurement and rest-bus simulation
  • Error simulation of the pilot line, position encoder sensors as well as in accordance with the OBD1 standard
  • Simple access to low-voltage signals via a matrix switch
  • Simulation of phase currents and phase voltage
  • Operation in a star or triangle constellation possible
  • Combined operation with NovaCarts Battery possible


Michael Seeger
Sales Manager Testing Solutions
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