NovaCarts Boards and Modules

Circuit boards with high processing power and intelligence

NovaCarts I/O boards and modules are characterized by the system-on-chip approach, with each board equipped with its own processor and algorithm-based intelligence mapped in the software. As a result, most of the parameters and controllers required for simulation could be implemented in the board's FPGA technology, keeping analog switching to a minimum - perfect conditions for fast and exact simulations.

The state-of-the-art boards and modules offer a long service life, short commissioning and configuration times and low maintenance requirements. The boards are automatically recognized by the HiL system, can be integrated into the simulation significantly faster because they are easier to configure, and can be adapted to meet any new requirements that arise. This enables automobile manufacturers and suppliers to gradually set up and expand their HiL systems and to further develop them quickly and cost-effectively in line with the state-of-the-art.

Like the large processing units used for NovaCarts HiL systems, NovaCarts I/O boards also offer functions like a model execution platform, data exchange and synchronization with other HiL processing units, and a connection to a GUI or test automation system

NovaCarts I/O boards can be used in NovaCarts HiL systems or autonomously (individually or combined) without having to have a real-time processor in control. It is therefore possible to implement applications of any size - from small, compact solutions with one board to the simulation of an entire vehicle.

Detailed information on all NovaCarts hardware assemblies for hybrid applications:

NovaCarts Boards

Multi I/O
Failure Insertion
High Speed I/O

NovaCarts Modules

Shunt Simulation
CAN Switching


  • Long operating life and high sustainability: NovaCarts boards can in most cases be adapted to meet new requirements through software updates, enabling them to be used over a long period without costly hardware having to be replaced.
  • Very cost-effective thanks to reusability and the compatibility of NovaCarts I/O boards with each other
  • Short technology cycles: Users benefit very rapidly from technological developments thanks to reliable, standardized server components.
  • Short setup and configuration times: The boards can be put into operation quickly as they are identified automatically by real-time software and HiL configuration, and registered within the system.
  • Low maintenance costs: Updates can be simply uploaded to NovaCarts I/O boards from the workstation, meaning that users can generally perform maintenance themselves.
  • Minimal downtimes: NovaCarts I/O boards facilitate troubleshooting with automatic error messages. If a hardware error occurs, it is sufficient to replace the defective board – the system automatically copies the configuration.
  • Simple configuration: New I/O channels can be added to the simulation without any effort – no I/O configuration is required in the simulation model.
  • High scalability: NovaCarts can easily be extended since all I/O boards share the same tool chain (e.g. real-time, control, configuration and development software).
  • High reusability: All boards share the same basic layout and communicate over the same bus using the same components.


  • Linux-based NovaCarts operating system with real-time capability that is also deployed in NovaCarts HiL systems
  • The central processing unit is modeled using ARM and FPGA technology.
  • Standard Ethernet using the standardized precision timing protocol (PTP) as a common interface for data exchange and synchronization


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