NovaCarts Rest Bus Simulation

Simulation of a functional ECU environment

With the NovaCarts Rest Bus Simulation Software, individual electronic control units (ECU) can be tested independently of the other ECUs present in the vehicle. The modular, flexible software simulates a functional and plausible ECU environment – from the simulation of individual network nodes to the entire vehicle network.

The NovaCarts Rest Bus Simulation supports the following bus systems:
- FlexRay
- Automotive Ethernet

Integrated solutions are also available in NovaCarts for bus systems such as PSI5 or special systems on SPI, I2C as well as for proprietary bus systems.

The NovaCarts Rest Bus Simulation Software can be adapted very quickly and precisely to the respective test requirements. Thanks to the modular model architecture and central database of NovaCarts systems, the rest bus simulation is independent of general control

This offers two major advantages:

On the one hand, the test engineer can configure the simulation at the test station – programming knowledge or the support of a programmer is not required.

On the other hand, compilation times are considerably reduced by the simulation model consisting of smaller partial models, since only the partial model that has really been changed is compiled.

Additional behavior rest bus simulation models can be created in standard programming languages such as C/C++ as well as with MATLAB/Simulink.

CAN Gateway

To isolate individual ECUs from the rest of the vehicle for testing (e.g. an airbag control unit for crash tests), NovaCarts Rest Bus Simulation Software offers a CAN gateway. This allows certain messages to be changed or manipulated for test purposes, which otherwise would not be possible or would only be possible with great effort.


  • Significant time savings during commissioning due to extremely short compilation times for the individual sub models
  • Ease of use: No programming skills are required to configure the rest bus simulation software


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