NovaCarts High Voltage Source Board – NC-BEB1010

Exact simulation of charging and discharging processes


This component simulates the voltage occurring in the intermediate circuit of hybrid vehicles, thereby allowing control device tests during the charging process that takes place during the connection of the preloading contactor or the unloading of the circuits. The board also models sinusoidal fluctuations, as might occur while charging from the power grid. It allows to replicate a highly dynamic circuit voltage of between -10 and 1,000 V. Jumps over the entire voltage range can be modelled down to a few milliseconds.

The board simulates charging and discharging processes with programmable time constants of between a few milliseconds and multiples of 100 ms. Sinusoidal voltages with frequencies of between a few Hertz and 500 Hz can be added to the intermediate circuit voltage, thereby enabling the board to act as two independent sources with a voltage of between -5 and 500 V.

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