NovaCarts CAN Switching Modules

To control relay modules

NovaCarts CAN Switching Module – NC-SWM1010

Top hat rail module to control relays in real part assemblies

The module has four connectors which make it possible to control the NovaCarts top hat rail modules for CAN multiplexers, LIN multiplexers or terminal controls etc.

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NovaCarts CAN Switching - Control Module – NC-SWM1011

Top hat rail control module for up to 24 relay modules

This top hat rail control module can actuate up to 24 relay modules via SPI. It is used to control relays in real part structures.

The module offers a connector which allows a cascading of the NovaCarts CAN Switching – Relay Modules – NC-SWM1400.

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NovaCarts CAN Switching - Relay Module – NC-SWM1400

Slave top hat rail module for up to eight high-voltage relays

The relay module is a slave top hat rail module which controls eight high-voltage relays. It can only be used in combination with the NovaCarts CAN Switching – Control Module – NC-SWM1011.

The relay module offers eight high-voltage relays for which eight signals can be switched as “normally closed” or “normally open” contacts via a jumper. The SPI data lines and the relay driver supply are provided by the control module and are passed through for another NC-SWM1400 module. Up to 16 NC-SWM1400 modules can be cascaded and controlled by a single NC-SWM1011 control module.

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NovaCarts CAN Switching - Terminal Control Module – NC-SWM1404

Top hat rail module for terminal control

The NC-SWM1404 module is a top hat rail module with four relays for terminal control.

It has two connectors with four signal IN and four signal OUT lines each. For each relay, two lines can be switched simultaneously.

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