NovaCarts Real-Time Software

Real-time platform for multiprocessor environments

The NovaCarts Real-Time Software excels with outstanding real-time characteristics, is compatible with many other systems, and can be easily extended. The Linux-based real-time platform was specially developed for use in multi-processing environments, and is perfectly coordinated for use with the NovaCarts Real-Time Suite. It is ideal for so-called X-in-the-loop (XiL) tests, i.e. users can use it for NovaCarts hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulators as well as for software-in-the-loop (SiL) and model-in-the-loop (MiL) tests.

With NovaCarts Real-Time Software all simulation programs run as separate, independent, real-time processes. This allows individual, modular simulations to be stabilized and commissioned more quickly. Standard simulations can thus be run reliably with calculation steps of up to several hundred microseconds.

The NovaCarts software also provides the special option of reserving specific individual processors on the processing platform for simulation programs running high-resolution models requiring increments of several tens of microseconds (e.g. electric motors or internal cylinder pressure simulations). This allows simulations with even the most demanding of requirements to be implemented using Simulink models running on standard processors. Users can thus implement their own models faster, saving time and cutting costs.

A further important feature of NovaCarts Real-Time Software is its high level of interoperability. Since the platform is largely based on industry standards, it can be extended to include functionality that goes beyond mere HiL operation. Examples of this include an ADTF platform used in the field of driver assistance and an OEM integration platform. There is no negative impact on the real-time behavior of the simulation programs, as individual processor cores are used exclusively and in native mode for connecting third-party systems.


  • Short innovation cycles: The use of the Linux standard operating systems allows future extensions to be integrated simply, rapidly, and cost-effectively, from the connection of new bus systems and integration into co-simulation environments to image processing.
  • Fast commissioning of individual simulations thanks to separate and independent real-time processes
  • Flexible applications for HiL, SiL and MiL testing


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