NovaCarts High Resolution Tracing

High-resolution recording of I/O signals


Simulation models for electric and hybrid vehicles and the simulation of electric motors or inductive charging processes require very small increments of a few microseconds and sometimes even down to the nanosecond range. As a rule, these models can no longer run on standard processors, but instead require high-performance FPGA boards.

Furthermore, the increasing complexity of control equipment for electric motors and the associated simulation models are placing new demands on analyzing the behavior of control equipment and models. This increases the time needed for development, and calls for a high-resolution capture of I/O signals and corresponding model variables in the FPGA. The “NovaCarts-High Resolution Tracing” software (NC-HRTRACE) assists users in capturing the time responses from these models and I/Os at high resolution, thereby allowing fast and precise analysis – even over the broadest bandwidth.

NC-HRTRACE provides an ASAM-standardized interface (XiL API Capturing) for controlling highresolution recording. Each I/O signal on the board as well as all defined internal model variables can be used and captured as trigger signals. The trigger signal can be added to the recorded file as a virtual signal. Threshold or edge values can be used to trigger recordings – similar to the options with an oscilloscope. Pre- and post-triggers can be configured in order to analyze a past history that led to a malfunction in a control device, thus allowing even signals prior to and after a trigger event to be recorded in a flexible manner.

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