NovaCarts Engine

Flexible motor HiL simulator for different motor types and sizes


NovaCarts Engine is an engine HiL system with a wide range of uses that automotive manufacturers and suppliers can use to test virtually all engine control units in realistic conditions in real time. It can simulate both different types of internal combustion engines as well as different engine sizes (up to 16 cylinders).

Since NovaCarts Engine provides all the signals required for error-free control unit operation, this modular HiL is ideal for automated tests e.g. for start-up scenarios or for different load points. NovaCarts Engine can be operated as a standalone system or in combination with powertrain and comfort components.

NovaCarts Engine systems can be simply and quickly upgraded to meet the new demands of future engine control units in order to ensure long-term utilization.


  • Optimum system utilization: NovaCarts Engine simulates the perfect environment for virtually every engine control unit, enabling it to be used in a variety of situations – irrespective of whether for a gasoline or diesel engine in normal, gas or hybrid operation.
  • Affordable testing of all engine sizes: NovaCarts does away with the need to purchase special, often seldom-used, test systems for large engines with eight to 16 cylinders. For such engines, two systems can be simply linked together in a matter of minutes (master-slave mode).
  • Sustainable: Fast and affordable customization for future, more complex control unit requirements thanks to modular design
  • Fast switch of engine type: The HiL simulator adjusts fully automatically to the injection method as soon as a control unit is connected to the cable harness.
  • Maximum flexibility: The NovaCarts Engine sub-systems, which are modular and can be individually fitted with equipment, allow typical engine signals as well as error simulation and installed valves to be varied within a short space of time.
  • Extremly short changeover times: Adjustments can be performed and test specimens changed within a short space of time thanks to separation adapters and the clear, separated structure of various components (low-power signals / high-power signals / real parts / system power supply).


  • Vehicle bus node with all common bus systems (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, CAN FD, Ethernet, etc.)
  • The open and powerful model platform with response times of a few microseconds thanks to the allocation of individual processor cores for time-critical applications allows high-resolution simulations in ultra-real time (e.g. internal cylinder pressure or cylinder deactivation)
  • Can be used with real elements, realistic simulations and rest-bus simulations
  • Exact simulation of all engine typical signals (e.g. engine speed, digital and analog crankshaft signals, camshaft signals, injection and ignition signals, knocking signals)
  • Complex sensor and actuator simulation available as an option (e.g. simulation of lambda sensors, piezo/magnetic injectors)
  • Measurement logging for pulse width, injection valve and ignition angle signals and timing
  • Parallel control of terminals KL30, KL15, HR1, HR2, EKP1 and EKP2 through engine simulator and control unit
  • In Lastenbox integrierte Fuel-Stratified-Injection(FSI)-Einspritzventile
  • Direct connection of external injection valve load boxes to the engine simulator
  • Operation of up to eight real parts simultaneously


Michael Seeger
Sales Manager Testing Solutions
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