NovaCarts CMC Simulator

Simulation of Battery Monitoring Chips from Texas Instruments in BMS Test Systems

The NovaCarts CMC simulator is used to validate BMS systems without a real battery, using simulated battery monitoring chips. The following Texas Instruments chips are currently supported:

  • BQ79606A-Q1
  • BQ79616-Q1, BQ79614-Q1, BQ79612-Q1
  • BQ79718-Q1, BQ79716-Q1, BQ79714-Q1


The NovaCarts CMC simulator features a daisy-chain communication interface to the bridge device on the master board of the BMS or the master control unit (MCU), ensuring precise timing as well as high-performance simulation. The CMC simulator is able to simulate up to 35 CMC chips of the BQ7961x and BQ7971x series at any one time, and engineers involved in the development and testing of BMS systems can also combine several CMC simulators to simulate batteries with a very large number of cells.

Compared to tests with real Battery Monitoring Chips, the NovaCarts CMC simulator offers compelling advantages:

  • Simple setup of the test environment - cell voltages do not have to be simulated
  • Significant cost savings
  • Non-critical, safe structure without high resulting voltages
  • Simple and flexible fault simulation, complete reproducibility of tests



The NovaCarts CMC simulation features a Dual Core ARM® and an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). Plug-on modules are used for signal adaptation to the daisy chain.

With a special firmware the same board can also be used as a tracer. The trace captures the signals on the daisy chain with an accuracy of 1µs and logs them in a file.


A rackmount kit is available for integration into a 19'' control cabinet.

The NovaCarts CMC simulator is easily integrated into a NovaCarts BMS HiL via its Ethernet interface. An API for communication with Windows applications and a UDP interface are also available. The CMC-Sim.GUI, a Windows application with which the CMC simulator can be easily operated, is included in the scope of delivery.


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