NovaCarts Simulation Models

Demanding, high-resolution simulations in the nanosecond range

MicroNova offers a large number of complex simulation models for various applications on the NovaCarts platform. Emphasis here is given to the field of “electric motors” and “battery management”. A further strength is the rapid implementation of the models for new and innovative areas of application where modeling was previously not available.

High development competence for new areas of application

Furthermore, MicroNova also supports automotive manufacturers and suppliers in developing new simulation models where necessary. The developers have demonstrated their expertise and experience in this field on many occasions in the past. One special strength, however, is the rapid implementation of the models for new areas where modeling was previously not available. Recent examples of this include the development of a simulation model for the power electronics of an inductive charging system.

Models for power steering

Further NovaCarts simulation models, for example, exactly emulate the behavior of power steering systems. They are characterized in particular by their extreme speed (simulation steps in the 100 microsecond range). In combination with the relevant servo actuator, this allows even complex electromagnetic simulation of steering behavior.

Simulation models for hybrid and electric vehicles

In order to be able to satisfy requirements regarding the dynamics of time, MicroNova focuses on FPGA-supported software models for the simulation of electric-based models for the simulation of electric motors. In addition, models are available that split the process between the real-time processor and the FPGA, enabling fast changes combined with excellent real-time characteristics.

Several simulation models are also available for simulating the behavior of different types of battery. Thanks to the intelligent NovaCarts battery boards, the current replacement battery variables such as inner resistance and replacement capacity can be computed dynamically on the I/O boards. This means that even rapid changes in current can be simulated precisely and reliably.

Additional simulation models for NovaCarts systems

Besides the models provided by MicroNova, NovaCarts hardware in the loop (HiL) simulators can also be operated with a large number of other simulation models. These can be created in a range of modeling environments such as Simulink, standard programming languages like C/C++, or any corresponding tool that supports the FMU/FMI standard.

Whatever model is involved, whether commercial or user-developed, whether for an internal combustion engine or driving dynamics – they can all be easily integrated with the NovaCarts platform. Furthermore, the HiL platform has already been able to prove on many occasions that it is ideal for innovative applications in the hybrid area. Examples include the high-precision and high-speed simulation of electric motors with the help of FPGAs and high-resolution software solutions, or the simulation of starter batteries with an electrochemical model, where models that can run on real-time processors were combined with FPGA portions in order to accurately simulate battery behavior.


  • Capable of meeting the most exacting requirements: The combination of FPGA (field programmable gate array) and simulation models on a real-time processor enables even complex, high-resolution simulations in the nanosecond range to be implemented
  • Fast implementation of individual models by MicroNova
  • Flexible: NovaCarts systems can also be used with any commercial or user-developed models. Models can be created in various modeling environments.


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