Centralizing information management with MicroNova’s Cluu apps

Tailor-made applications for the clear presentation of data from different sources

MicroNova now supports companies from all sectors with individual applications to monitor their data and, above all, keep them under control: Based on the application platform “Cluu”, individual apps can be created that merge, analyze and present data from various sources in a clearly arranged manner.

In addition to the multitude of opportunities digitization offers, topics such as Connected Cars, Industry 4.0, IoT and Agile Development also pose numerous challenges. Among other things, this means that huge amounts of data from different systems have to be correctly collected, processed and analyzed. With MicroNova’s Cluu apps, companies can merge and centralize data from multiple sources into one application.

Custom-made applications for the comprehensive overview

The company’s experts develop customized applications, especially for heterogeneous IT environments. The underlying application platform Cluu, developed by the company Softwarehelden, links the data sources “live”, so that all of the data create an overall model. In contrast to conventional data warehouse solutions, the information can not only be read and analyzed, but also processed. The Cluu app synchronizes with the system from which the data have originated and integrates any changes in real time.

What the new Cluu app looks like in each case depends on the individual requirements of the company. After a requirements assessment and following conceptualization, a first prototype is created, so that the application can be put into operation within a short time. Subsequently, further agile developments and improvements are being discussed with the client.

Channel the flood of information

When it comes to collecting, screening and exploiting large amounts of data, the all-purpose tool Excel is still often used. Many systems offer an export that generates a new Excel document each time – or the contents are even transferred manually. In order to get a general survey of all the information, it first has to be combined into one document or linked together – a process that is extremely time-consuming and, above all, prone to errors, due to the large amount of manual work involved.

“With the Cluu apps, we provide companies with the solution to one of the most pressing challenges of today: Handling the flood of information from multiple sources and getting access to the up-to-date information that I’m looking for quickly. All this requires is a clear and easy-to-use application,” summarizes Martin Bayer, Head of Testing Solutions at MicroNova. “Our team has many years of experience in test management in the automotive industry. Obviously, the increasing numbers and locations of modern vehicles’ tests produce an enormous amount of data. Getting a comprehensive overview of all of the information is just as important as it is hard to achieve. That’s why the first Cluu apps were developed in such demanding environments – with great success. We’re confident that the applications will be suitable for any industry.”

With the expansion of its software offerings, MicroNova addresses companies from all industries that have large amounts of information to process. In addition, the traditional automotive market continues to be the focus for further Cluu scenarios. Currently, the applications are mainly used in the automotive industry and are being developed further in an agile manner in a production environment by two major car manufacturers.


About MicroNova

MicroNova has been a software and systems vendor since 1987 and offers products, solutions, and services in three business segments: testing of automotive electronics, management of mobile radio and communication networks as well as the distribution of IT management solutions from ManageEngine. 300 experts work with technological competence and passion at the company’s headquarters in Vierkirchen near Munich as well as at nine other locations in Germany and the Czech Republic. Numerous customers such as Audi, BMW, Continental, Telefónica Germany, Vodafone Deutschland, and Volkswagen place their trust in the expertise of MicroNova.

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