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Keeping track of things – especially in complex communication and marketing projects – is a challenge. Marketing managers and team leaders need an efficient, collaborative tool to manage projects and workflows if they are to successfully lead their staff in the face of a multitude of individual tasks. And MicroNova can offer the perfect solution for this: The goals: higher performance, better results, happier teams provides a wide range of visualizations, dashboards, Gantt charts and Kanban boards for optimum project management, which are an invaluable aid, especially in complex marketing campaigns. They supply everyone in the team with the information that is important to them – whether internal or external, managers or employees. Even if the team members work in different locations, projects can be planned, organized and carried out efficiently, and team capacities can be distributed in a meaningful way.

Applications of in the MarCom sector is ideal for marketing, communication, and creative teams that need to coordinate and complete multiple complex projects simultaneously. A few sample scenarios:

  • Planning of all marketing activities
  • Product launches
  • Controlling customer campaigns in agencies
  • Detailed event planning
  • Media, production, and advertising planning
  • Social media campaigns, content planning, as well as Google and Facebook ads
  • Design & creative processes including approvals
  • E-mail marketing campaigns
  • PR campaigns, editorial plan, media outreach planning and documentation, blog planning, etc.
  • Web projects such as website relaunches, SEO measures
  • A/B testing and scheduling


The online workspace of is one of the solution’s major assets. It bundles all communication related to the specific projects in what are referred to as boards, thereby creating the basis for true, integrated collaboration. At the same time, it offers the classic elements of project management. This makes workflows and workloads transparent to everyone at all times, and the next milestone is not a nasty surprise.

  • Collaboration: Since communication, e.g. via the chat function, takes place entirely within itself, or can be integrated with it from external tools such as MS Outlook, everyone in the team benefits from optimum information flow and coordination.
  • Organization: Tiresome searches are finally a thing of the past – everything is easy to find, whether it’s a message or a file. Reliable versioning ensures that even bold steps forward don’t have nasty consequences.
  • Reports: Data, insights, and reports bring transparency to team members and managers.




The MicroNova team presents best practices and industry-specific uses of on a regular basis.

Further Information

Learn how to successfully manage marketing projects with

Key Benefits for Marketing, Communication, and Creative Teams:

  • Teams can collaborate more efficiently with, set up end-to-end workflows, and simply share and coordinate better with other departments, partners, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Employees can be more easily aligned around a consistent strategy, schedule, KPIs, and marketing guidelines.
  • Marketing departments and agencies are able to adapt to ever-changing requirements thanks to structured, repeatable, standardized workflows.
  • Transparent dashboards ensure budget compliance and facilitate reporting to management.

Take advantage of the added value and our service. Our consultants will be pleased to advise you on’s Work OS.

The Most Important Functions of for Marketing and Communication

Customized forms and surveys

With this function, teams can easily create their own forms and surveys based on their boards – with their own logo and adapted to their own corporate design. These forms can be embedded in websites, landing pages, etc. or shared with external parties if desired. After the user completes the form, creates a separate element with all the required information from each submitted form, allowing an optimum customer experience to be effortlessly combined with structured, efficient workflows.

All users need to do to create a form or survey is to specify which fields or questions they want included. Creation is simple and straightforward, with no programming knowledge required thanks to drag-and-drop functionality. The following forms are just some of those that can be created with in next to no time:

  • Contact forms
  • Requests for quotations and demos
  • Requests for projects and campaigns
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and mood barometers
  • Event registrations
  • Internal request forms for creative assets, etc.
  • Forms for internal coordination and approval processes, etc.
  • Employee vacation requests


Files: the latest version always available

Collaboration only works if all participants have easy access to relevant information. This includes being able to easily locate the latest version of the file immediately. At the same time, there should be no conflicts or friction when several people try to edit the same file. makes cooperation in communication and marketing projects run smoothly in this respect as well. What’s more, all newly created or edited files can be shared easily and quickly, whether they be text, graphics, animation or video.

A wide variety of visualizations: calendar, timeline, charts, etc. offers different views depending on individual needs, providing an overview of the multitude of individual tasks – thereby ensuring you keep a cool head. The display is always geared towards transparency, and there are also virtually unlimited options for creating management dashboards. It is also an easy way of keeping managers in the loop – without having to invest hours in special executive reports or PowerPoint presentations.


From e-mail application to newsletter tool and ad platform: marketing teams and agencies in particular tend to use a variety of tools and software solutions. The many different integration options available with help users keep track of the various channels and tools, making even stressful day-to-day work easier. Here are a few examples of the 200+ integration options currently available:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: All creative processes / design processes can be fully represented and processed in a structured manner.
  • MailChimp: E-mail campaigns can be managed from within, and new leads can be handled efficiently.
  • SurveyMonkey: Polling and voting results can be viewed and edited directly in
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads: Data on the success of ads can be easily integrated into for even more effective marketing campaigns.
  • HubSpot: All leads and contacts are bundled centrally in and can therefore be processed more efficiently.

You can find more integration options on the vendor’s website.

Preconfigured Templates to Get You Started Fast

Getting off to a flying start is often so important in marketing campaigns. To ensure this, offers numerous templates that can be customized to suit your needs. These are just a few of the marketing templates that are available:

  • Campaign plan
  • Editorial plans for social media and blog posts
  • Product launch plan
  • Creative process planning
  • Client campaign plan for agencies
  • Event planning
  • Marketing budget plan



Our Service

Setting up marketing projects and implementing processes is child’s play with; any adjustments can be made quickly and easily. But whether forms, integration, automation or templates: we are happy to help you customize to suit your needs – from template through to process integration. With a personal contact who is there for you based at our headquarters in the north of Munich.

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