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On June 16, 2021, the two members of the Bundestag Katrin Staffler and Dr. Stefan Kaufmann visited MicroNova to learn about innovations of the company. For more details, please see the press release below from Katrin Staffler, member of the Bundestag:

Katrin Staffler and Dr. Stefan Kaufmann visit the constituency on the subject of renewable energies

Climate projects and high-tech in the district of Dachau

Becoming independent of fossil fuels - an important goal in view of climate change. To get there, innovation is key. Katrin Staffler (CSU), a member of the German Bundestag, gathered additional information about this on site in the Dachau district. Together with her colleague in the Bundestag, Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Innovation Officer 'Green Hydrogen' at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, she also presented current developments in federal policy.

The first stop took the German MPs to MicroNova AG in Vierkirchen. Among other things, the company develops testing solutions for the automotive and wind energy industries. "MicroNova already developed such systems for the engine control of the hydrogen-powered BMW Hydrogen7 in 2006," explained Orazio Ragonesi, CEO MicroNova AG. This vehicle did not yet have a so-called fuel cell, which generates electricity from hydrogen on board and stores it temporarily in a traction battery for use in an electric motor.

Like all components with electronics, such fuel cells require electronic control units that regulate operating states. "MicroNova offers test systems for this as well," adds Dr. Klaus Eder, COO MicroNova AG. However, there was still a lack of demand here, he said, with projects coming mainly from the research environment - quite different from the situation with battery electric vehicles. "Here we have already been offering solutions very successfully for a good five years," Eder continues. When it comes to hydrogen, infrastructure and environmentally friendly production will be a challenge for the foreseeable future - that was the unanimous opinion.

Staffler and Kaufmann then went to Weichs to find out about current local plans in the field of renewable energies. For example, solar parks with hydrogen production are to be built there in the future. Staffler emphasized: "The constituency is particularly interesting for hydrogen projects. The counties - especially the rural regions - can ideally contribute to the energy supply with the innovative green hydrogen technology."

The day ended with a technical discussion with scientists and entrepreneurs from the constituency of Dachau/Fürstenfeldbruck. Here it became clear that there was great acceptance for hydrogen projects among the population, but that funding was currently strongly concentrated on large projects. Stefan Kaufmann explained: "We are open to technology. We need faster approval procedures and project solutions for the south of Germany. Now we need to support the state governments to promote decentralized projects in particular."

Katrin Staffler summarizes the day: "We have seen impressively that hydrogen could become the fuel of the future. This may sound like dreams of the future, however, very concrete planning, research and implementation is taking place at our site. All these examples we saw show that people are working concretely here on the energies of the future."

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