Coronavirus pandemic: extraordinary times, exceptional trust

Even before the corona pandemic, MicroNova lives many qualities that are now especially in demand

Excellent cooperation between all teams and levels, working from home including flexible working hours – these are all qualities that are in particular demand from employers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. And they were already a reality at MicroNova long before lockdown and the like.

“Flexibility, working from home as well as being considerate and reaching out to each other – we had established these issues successfully long before the crisis hit,” explains Orazio Ragonesi. The MicroNova CEO is also responsible for HR. And it is not just the past few months that are the reason for his special elation in MicroNova’s staff. The team has been using a concept of trust-based working hours very successfully for a long time.

In addition, there is always a readiness to listen and search conjointly for solutions if things do not go as planned. This certainly was the case during lockdown, for example because there are working parents employed at MicroNova – for whom getting childcare organized was and still is a major challenge.

Trust rewarded by the team

Relocating virtually all activities to employees’ own four walls also went very smoothly. MicroNova-IT had already laid the foundation here long before coronavirus, and so entire teams could quite easily switch completely to working from home – incidentally, a good week and a half before the first official lockdown. Around ten percent of the workforce has remained on site at the current nine locations, for example in production.

The way in which the social distancing, hygiene and mask-wearing rules were observed is further proof that trust is being rewarded. Personal responsibility works well. “There was never any coercion, we ‘merely’ provided the platform and communicated a lot. And anyone who wants to can visit their office workplace at any time. There is enough space for maintaining distance. We have also installed filter systems and physical ‘separators’ at neuralgic points such as the production of the test systems,” explains Orazio Ragonesi.

Fit for the future – virtually and physically

Employees value personal interaction very much, and it is of course also conducive to creativity. A healthy mix of on-site presence and remote working therefore consolidates the company’s ability to innovate. Speaking of fit for the future: the pandemic has once again accelerated the rapid introduction of “LinkedIn Learning” as an online training platform, allowing all employees to continue to develop their skills free of charge even if this is not possible live; there are over 16,000 courses to choose from – at home, flexibly and independently.


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