Data Loss Prevention: New Features for the Secure Home Office from Safetica DLP

Version 9.6 offers improved protection against data loss/theft via remote devices

The new version 9.6 of the data loss prevention solution “Safetica DLP” gives companies even greater flexibility when it comes to protecting sensitive data against loss or theft in home office environments. IT departments can access new DLP policies for remote desktop file transfers and user-based data classification.

Furthermore classifications in the DLP policies can also be combined. The new version is available in German-speaking countries from Safetica distributor MicroNova.

When developing version 9.6 of its DLP solution, the Czech IT security provider Safetica Technologies explicitly focused on home offices, the number of which has risen significantly in the wake of the coronavirus crisis; in the past four months, many previously hesitant companies have introduced home office functions for their workforces at a rapid pace. However, the protection of sensitive data is particularly critical when users connect remotely to the corporate network using their work equipment. It must also be possible to observe internal compliance policies applicable in remote working environments.

To ensure all of this, Safetica has extended or added a number of functions to its DLP solution. IT departments can define the range themselves according to their needs: Sensitive or confidential data can be comprehensively protected against unauthorized data transfer; to achieve this, the enforcement of defined policies can be extended to all common data channels available in companies. Since the Safetica client installed on the endpoints works independently of any server connection, data is protected even if a user’s computer is not logged into the VPN. Furthermore, it is possible to encrypt external data carriers such as USB sticks – the contents of a data carrier can only be made accessible again by the authorized user using the client program “Safetica Agent” on the user PC. In addition, the transfer of data for remote equipment can be defined granularly by your own policies and therefore also be restricted according to legal and compliance requirements.

Innovations in data classification

In order to ensure that confidential documents can be quickly identified as such in the home office, the new version allows users to classify data. Once enabled by the administrator, users can define the confidentiality level of a file themselves via the document properties. To prevent misuse, users can only select higher levels (e.g. “internal”, “restricted” or “classified”) by default. In addition, data classifications can now be combined for your own DLP policies. This allows companies to create policies for specific types of data, such as internal documents that also contain sensitive financial data.

Another new feature is the Work Activity Report, which quickly provides a complete overview of data transfers and DLP incidents, even in home offices. The DLP provider has also expanded its solution on the operating system side: The “Device Control” features, which are used to block and monitor removable media, are now available for MacOS devices. This means it is now possible to check all Apple devices are used in line with IT compliance in the respective company; Safetica DLP with “+ Safetica Mobile” was already able to manage Android, iOS and Windows devices.

“The spread of SARS-CoV-2 has caused a sharp rise in the number of home office employees. Since both happened very quickly, there was often no strategy. This is an oversight, especially in the area of IT security, which affected companies should now quickly correct,” explains Alexander Fillips, Head of Enterprise Management at MicroNova. “Solutions for Data Loss Prevention are a tried and tested tool in this regard. With Safetica DLP, even small and medium-sized businesses can use this technology quickly and easily, and with version 9.6, they can also better secure their employees’ home offices”. „Lösungen für Data Loss Prevention sind hierbei ein probates Mittel. Mit Safetica DLP können auch kleine und mittlere Unternehmen diese Technologie schnell und unkompliziert verwenden, und mit Version 9.6 können sie auch die Home Offices ihrer Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter noch besser absichern.“


Über Safetica Technologies

Safetica Technologies began development of data loss prevention (DPL) software in 2007, which protects data on endpoints based on context. The result is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement and user-friendly security solution that reliably protects companies from intentional or accidental data loss. With Safetica's scalable solution, the individual data protection requirements of each company can be implemented - without additional administration effort for IT and without interrupting business operations. Companies in more than 110 countries now rely on Safetica.

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