Safetica DLP: MicroNova distributes data loss prevention solution

Distribution partnership with Safetica Technologies

Safetica Technologies' data loss prevention (DLP) software „Safetica DLP“ reliably protects companies from intentional or unintentional data loss. The distribution in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland will be handled with immediate effect by the software and system house MicroNova. The prices start at 690 Euro.

The Czech company Safetica Technologies has developed Safetica DLP, a DLP solution especially for medium-sized companies (up to approx. 4,000 employees). The security experts have paid particular attention to high user-friendliness and a good price/performance ratio. The result is a solution for which no additional hardware needs to be purchased. In addition, IT departments can carry out the installation and setup themselves within a few hours. Operation can continue without interruption.

Safetica DLP protects sensitive data regardless of format and the application used. This helps to prevent intentional data breaches or those caused by human error and facilitates compliance with data protection regulations. The software covers all standard channels and platforms through which data can leave a company - from e-mail, removable storage media and data carriers, file-sharing and other Internet services, social networks and mobile devices to traditional printing. IT staff can quickly create basic security policies for each channel and apply them to the various endpoints without special knowledge. In addition, the DLP solution identifies potential security risks and helps IT departments increase their users' risk awareness.

The architecture of Safetica DLP

Safetica DLP consists of different components:

  • Server with database: During installation, the IT department creates a central database on an existing on-premise or cloud server, where all client activities are recorded. As soon as a network computer connects to the network, any data stored offline is automatically transferred to the server. It is also possible to use an Azure SQL database as database.
  • Safetica Management Console: The dashboard gives administrators an overview of detected security risks, the data collected and reports. Security policies can also be configured here, which can then be applied to all endpoints with Safetica Client.
  • PCs and laptops with Safetica client: The client enforces security policies and documents file activity.

Other features

  • Configuration of security policies for all data transmission channels: Group-based or individual rules can be defined as required. Various workflows are available on a scale from "Allow" to „Log only“, "Notify" and "Deny".
  • KControl over all connected external devices: The use of portable devices and unauthorized media connections can be restricted or prohibited. The solution also offers additional control options for mobile devices and provides an overview of all data leaving the Office 365 cloud.
  • Security for employees working with confidential data: The solution displays a message on demand when a user is about to violate a policy. In addition, administrators can enforce separate processes for handling particularly sensitive data.
  • Offline protection: Safetica DLP remains active even when endpoints are not connected to the Internet. All security incidents are synchronized as soon as the connection is restored.
  • Real-time notifications and reports: The solution automatically sends an alert by email or SIEM solution whenever suspicious behavior is detected. Reports can be exported as XLS or PDF files for further analysis.

Compliance and technology partnerships

Safetica DLP is GDPR compliant and meets the requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA and SOX. Safetica Technologies is ISO / IEC-27001 certified and works closely with IT security players such as ESET, Microsoft and Fortinet. The companyhas distribution partners in more than 110 countries and has been recognized as one of the global DLP players by Radicati Group in their "Data Loss Prevention – Market Quadrant 2019".

"Today, the security of corporate data can make the difference between success or failure. Statistically, the majority of companies fall victim to data loss at least once a year. The associated costs can quickly become a threat to the very existence of small companies. This makes affordable DLP solutions that help minimize such risks all the more important," explains Alexander Fillips, Head of Enterprise Management at MicroNova. "The solution from Safetica Technologies meets this requirement. It gives companies back control over their data. This gives them an overview of how their sensitive data is moved and processed. And they can better protect it from unauthorized access."



About Safetica Technologies

Safetica Technologies began development of data loss prevention (DPL) software in 2007, which protects data on endpoints based on context. The result is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement and user-friendly security solution that reliably protects companies from intentional or accidental data loss. With Safetica's scalable solution, the individual data protection requirements of each company can be implemented - without additional administration effort for IT and without interrupting business operations. Companies in more than 110 countries now rely on Safetica.

About MicroNova

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