Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

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Working at MicroNova Exciting development opportunities for beginners and experts

You seek the challenge and enjoy the feeling to work on projects that make life more comfortable? Then we are the right company for you! Working with us you develop high-quality, forward-looking solutions that not only inspire our customers, but will clearly work to the benefit of each individual. The aspiration to be one step ahead in terms of technology at any time, the desire to best solve every kind of challenge and the highest degree of professionalism – this is what characterizes the talents that make us successful as a team and company. If you share these attributes, then come join us. With us you will not stand still, but rather stand at the forefront of development – again and again. Presently, more than 250 experts are working at our locations in Vierkirchen near Munich (head office), Braunschweig, Friedrichshafen, Ingolstadt, Kassel, Leonberg, Wolfsburg as well as in Mladá Boleslav and Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic - and the number continues to grow. 

Corporate Culture An important pillar for success

With state-of-the-art technologies you work on exciting tasks and innovative projects and address the latest industry topics. Help us to make the roads a bit safer, the air cleaner, the access to mobile networks even more efficient, and the care for the sick better. We provide the right conditions for this:

  • Openness and appreciation
  • Positive working climate
  • Excellent, friendly working atmosphere
  • Constructive cooperation
  • Mutual exchange
  • Open space to be creative and to actively contribute towards shaping the company
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Quick decision-making
  • Open doors
  • Informal communication amongst colleagues on a first-name basis (the German DU)

Our focus is on people. At MicroNova we really live our corporate culture which is based on teamwork and which has a strong impact on cooperation – it means an important pillar of our success.

Work-Life-Balance We unite profession and career with family and leisure

MicroNova is growing steadily, thanks to our dedicated employees. 250 experts are working with technological competence, ideas and passion to achieve this joint success. Great dedication, full commitment and flexibility go hand in hand with a well-structured Work-Life-Balance.

We live:

  • reconciliation of work and family life
  • generous parental leave regulations
  • a suitable flextime model
  • flexible working time arrangements
  • flexible part-time schedules
  • consideration of personal interests and needs
  • generous special leave scheme
  • home office in special cases by agreement

With the variety of possibilities for a good Work-Life-Balance we provide a valuable contribution to the personal and professional success of our employees.

Training Anyone who stops getting better has stopped being good…

MicroNova stands for innovation, quality and forward-looking concepts and solutions. The motivation and both the professional and personal advancement of our employees represent the key factor of our corporate success and forms an important pillar of our strategy. Our employees quickly assume responsibility and constantly expand their competence by having sufficient freedom for their professional and personal development. Therefore, further training at MicroNova varies from person to person – thus we support and promote the progress of each individual.

You benefit from:

  • Mentors & Coaches – for a successful start, each new team member is assisted by an experienced mentor, who will continue as coach to render advice and support after the training period
  • individual promotion – including tailor-made trainings taking into account existing skills and personal goals
  • "Training on the Job" – further training activities are scheduled in context with the specific task and quickly provide practical results
  • internal workshops – employees may benefit from the experience and best practices of their colleagues
  • internal trainings on topics such as employment law, recruiting or leadership behaviour
  • constant exchange of experience with project managers, corporate management as well as experts focussing, for example, on development tools, new technologies and processes
  • external seminars based on the requirements of the team
  • project manager training up to the certification according to the internationally recognized IPMA-Standards
  • management training
  • communication-, sales- and personality trainings for the sales force
  • participation at specialists conferences
  • editorial coaching to author specialist articles for our customer magazine or for placement in professional magazines

We provide all our employees with extensive resources and opportunities to undertake these training activities every year. We attach great importance to the continuous development of our team members together with the entire company.

Career Model Future needs perspective

What are your inclinations, your skills, your very own personal wishes? Are you the person who is a hundred percent happy in your profession? Do you have a hand to manage and turn challenging projects into success? Or do you rather present and market ideas, product strategies and solutions to customers using your professional know-how and personal eloquence? Do you perhaps carry the manager gene?

Our ambition is to open long-term career perspectives for all team members. According to your desire, inclination and skills you can therefore pursue one of the following career paths: specialized expert career, project manager career, sales career or management career. Career does not imply per se a role in the management - we consider careers in the fields of technology, sales or project-based as equally important.

Four Career Paths in five Levels – the MicroNova Career Model in Detail

The MicroNova career model consists of four career paths which are divided into different levels:

Should you decide to join MicroNova, we support your professional development through targeted trainings and certifications. What kind of actions help to achieve the next higher level of your career is clearly defined - and once such level is reached, further trainings are planned to support your continuous advancement. We are aware that your personal goals might change over time – therefore you have the option to change between career paths. 

Benefits Clear benefits for you

You deserve to be paid for your work - but is that enough? We strongly believe that you can expect a little more.

That’s why we offer you:

  • flexible working hours and trust based working time
  • excellent development and training possibilities
  • very good Work-Life-Balance
  • capital accumulation benefits
  • we as your employer co-finance your pension plan
  • bonus payments for employee jubilees
  • health promotional measures
  • convenience, ergonomics and modern technology for your workplace
  • free beverages: water, coffee
  • employee discounts at various companies
  • employee and team events
  • company parties where your spouse/life partner is very welcome
  • more room for innovation: we are building a modern office building for our employees, the Business Park Vierkirchen

And because we know that people with different needs and demands are working for us, we always listen to ideas and suggestions. You will see, working for and with MicroNova is rewarding.

Business Park Vierkirchen Room for Innovation: Modern workspaces with campus atmosphere

MicroNova has been on a growth track for many years. The same applies to the number of its employees: In the meantime about 250 people are developing innovative solutions, more than 140 of them at the headquarters in Vierkirchen. For this purpose not only free room for creativity but also free room for accommodation is required – so MicroNova owner Josef W. Karl has launched the BP4K, short for “Business Park Vierkirchen”, located across the present main building.

Business Park Vierkirchen

  • spacious campus complex with lush greenery
  • contemporary architecture
  • innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • exterior and interior shades
  • state-of-the-art office equipment
  • large social rooms
  • many parking facilities
  • moving in: beginning of 2018

At the time of the company’s 30-year anniversary, MicroNova hence has set another important milestone in 2017 to provide its employees with best possible conditions for their work in future. Why don’t you join us and work in a modern office building with attractive amenity values and the touch of a campus.

Start your Career at MicroNova Entry programmes for students and university graduates

Start your career at MicroNova during your studies and accumulate practical experience! We provide numerous interesting positions for working students and trainees in all areas of our company. In addition, we support you in your thesis for Bachelor, Master or Diploma - with exciting topics, experienced colleagues and a lot of professional knowledge.

As a university graduate, you can start your career with us right after your graduation. Many of our job vacancies are aimed at newcomers who we actively promote. A colleague will support you comprehensively, and from the beginning you will work on exciting projects by using the latest technologies. You will benefit from the experience of your team members as well as from our wide range of training opportunities, which we provide to our employees on an annual basis to fully advance their know-how.

The most important Q&As concerning the career opportunities for students and graduates 

  • Why should I apply for a job at MicroNova?

    Why should I apply for a job at MicroNova?

    You appreciate professional excellence and exciting tasks – combined with a collegial atmosphere, flat hierarchies and a perceivable basis of trust. You can shape your time with a high degree of self-responsibility in a demanding environment and develop your talents individually in close collaboration with your superiors. In the development of our employees, we attach greatest importance to high quality – as in all other areas. We are a dynamic, innovative company and are committed to continuity and sustainability in our growth strategy – we are not bound by stock-market expectations of quarterly figures. You can profit from the security and independence of a medium-sized company that is owned by its founder by solving exciting professional tasks. This distinguishes us consciously and clearly from the corporate world, which all too often gives precedence to short-term shareholder value thinking. 

  • What kind of advantages does MicroNova provide for students?

    What kind of advantages does MicroNova provide for students?

    A palpable culture of innovation is waiting for you: our teams work on future-oriented projects, such as e-mobility and autonomous driving, the management of mobile networks or the digitization of the health care system. As a result, there are loads of exciting – and often technologically challenging – tasks anticipating your clever solutions and ideas. At an early stage students will get to know us as a dynamic employer. We would be pleased to support individual dissertation projects, and we would be delighted to receive your unsolicited application submitting your own proposals. If you are still searching for a topic, take a look at the topics we have advertised for dissertations. 

  • What are the general advantages of a career at MicroNova?

    What are the general advantages of a career at MicroNova?

    You value and we offer innovation, continuity and organic growth. Our short decision-making processes and flat hierarchies enable especially newcomers to assume responsibility early on and to expand their own competence. So practical experience can be gained quickly, even in different fields of activity and facing different industry focuses. Moreover, people are at the forefront of our philosophy; after all, the employees of the "first hour" still enjoy working for MicroNova – for more than 30 years.

    Last but not least, our employees benefit from a well-structured work-life-balance as well as our long-term growth strategy and the security associated with it. We plan on a long-term basis with you, and we make every effort to create the appropriate framework.

  • What kind of job opportunities for trainees and working students in specialized fields does MicroNova offer?

    What kind of job opportunities for trainees and working students in specialized fields does MicroNova offer?

    A variety of job opportunities in different areas is waiting for you. In particular, there is a wide range of positions for students from the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, medical informatics, telecommunications and physics. Also, in the areas of marketing, communication, human resources as well as administration interesting tasks are waiting for students who want to gain their first experiences in the practical working world. Since we focus on targets and the way forward to achieve them, please send your application even if you are a career changer yet motivated and interested and with an affinity for programming. 

  • Who should apply for a position at MicroNova?

    Who should apply for a position at MicroNova?

    If you are enthusiastic about new technologies, if you are seeking challenges, if you like to shape solutions in a strong team and enjoy the success together with your colleagues, then you are in exactly the right place with us! 

Career Opportunities for Professionals at MicroNova Perspectives for experts

You want to give your career a new impetus or pursue a new direction, and you are ready to bring your broad experience of many years into a successful medium-sized company? You are looking forward to writing a piece of IT history in technologically demanding markets such as automotive, health care or telecommunications? Then we should get to know each other. We are seeking motivated people with ideas, passion and team spirit who think out-of-the-box, who are open to new challenges and who see a chance in change.

The motivation as well as the professional and personal development of our employees is a key factor for our corporate success. That is why MicroNova has developed an attractive career model for its employees – for a career tailored to your individual needs. According to desire, passion and skills, you have the opportunity to pursue a career path as an expert, project manager or in sales or in the management.

On our job portal you will find interesting vacancies, or just send an unsolicited application. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our manager of human resources, Mrs. Franziska Engels, phone +08139 93 00-637 . We look forward to hearing from you.

Tips for your Application Things to know for your application to MicroNova

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions concerning the career opportunities at MicroNova.

  • How to get information about MicroNova?

    How to get information about MicroNova?

    On our websites you will find important information about the company and our core competencies:

    A good overview of our current projects and product developments as well as the latest news from the company are communicated by our customer magazines. In the areas of Testing Solutions, eHealth and Network Management you will also find comprehensive information in our compendia with more detailed reports on projects, products and solutions from each area.

  • How to apply for a position at MicroNova?

    How to apply for a position at MicroNova?

    Please use our online job portal.

  • Can I submit an unsolicited application?

    Can I submit an unsolicited application?

    Please feel free to submit your unsolicited application via our online job portal. We will try to find a suitable position for you. The current job offers can be found here.

  • Can I apply for more than one position at MicroNova?

    Can I apply for more than one position at MicroNova?

    If you are interested in several positions, please make a note of it in your documents. We will check the options.

  • What should your application include?

    What should your application include?

    Apply with your CV, certificates and/or academic transcripts, salary expectation and the earliest possible date of entry. Please tell us why this job at MicroNova appeals to you and what makes you the right candidate for this position. We would also like to know how you found out about this job. Your CV should be detailed and help us to best understand your priorities and professional qualifications.

    The easiest way is to answer the following questions:

    • Is your application referring to an advertised position – which one – or are you submitting an unsolicited application?
    • Why would you like to work for MicroNova?
    • Why are you interested in this position?
    • What makes you the right candidate for this position?
    • How did you find out about this job vacancy?
    • What are your salary expectations?
    • When would you be available?

    In addition, we would appreciate a well-structured CV helping us to recognize your qualifications and knowledge. It also gives us an overview of your educational and professional career. Our tip: A well-readable font size and type as well as concrete details make it easier for us to process your application. Please add your previous job references, if available.

  • Does MicroNova meet the Demands of “Green Recruiting“?

    Does MicroNova meet the Demands of “Green Recruiting“?

    We want to minimize the impact on the environment for our application process. Please support us in this effort and send us your application digitally via our online job portal

Carreer Events and General Events of MicroNova

We participate in several career days at universities and colleges to give students the opportunity to learn more about MicroNova.

Upcoming Career Events