OpenGate© eSIM/SIM-Management

Centralized SIM and eSIM management for IoT applications in multi-operator environments

OpenGate© eSIM/SIM Management developed by MicroNova partner amplía is based on the OpenGate© IoT Framework. The product is aimed at companies that deploy a large number of devices in the field, for example in a private campus network. It can communicate with virtually any mobile communication technology (2G, 3G, 4G, NBIoT, LTE Cat-M, etc.) and provides powerful functions for the operation, management, and monitoring of eSIMs and SIMs.

  • eSIM/SIM Life Cycle Management:
    OpenGate© supports the entire process of eSIM/SIM provisioning – from ordering, relationships with suppliers or mobile network operators, to operational use.
  • Activation/blocking:
    Activation and blocking of complete devices or specific eSIMs/SIMs, individually or in bulk, manually or through automated rules;
  • Centralized subscription management:
    Modifies the IMSI assignment to the device, enabling remote configuration of the eSIM/SIM service profile and assignment to “Commercial Plans”;
  • Customer-facing reports and dashboards:
    All collected data can be presented in customized reports or dashboards. The most important information is displayed, prepared for different areas of application or departments.
  • Remote diagnostics (HW/SW/connectivity):
    Analysis of the current status and performance of the hardware and software integrated into the solution; detection and management of discrepancies with operator status;
  • Advanced integration:
    Integration of field service functions from other systems or third-party vendors.

Features at a glance

OpenGate© eSIM/SIM Management has comprehensive functions to remotely monitor all elements involved in the SIM management process. It provides all functions via a user-friendly web-based application that allows users to evaluate data automatically via rules. If there are errors, custom alarms notify users immediately. With this range of functions, companies are able to quickly set up even large IoT environments with corresponding eSIM/SIM management and to provide highly reliable and performant services.


  • Inventory, assets, and device location
  • Consumption and billing
  • Alerts in the event of performance and connectivity problems
  • Security
  • Administrative and operational status
  • eSIMs/SIMs and Associated Equipment Management

Management & Remote Operation

With OpenGate© eSIM/SIM Management, operations can be carried out remotely, manually, in bulk, or specifically for one element – and automated in each case. All functions are available via a user-friendly web-based user interface:

  • Subscription management: Changes to the IMS
  • Rules for the automation of functions
  • Configuration: Profiles, plans, etc.
  • Diagnostics and tests
  • Activation and blocking

Use and evaluation of data

The eSIM/SIM Management has powerful tools for analyzing and evaluating the collected data. Among other things, companies can use these tools to automatically generate alarms and notifications for defined situations/conditions, which helps identify potential problems at an early stage. This transforms data into valuable information.

  • Preparing custom reports
  • User roles
  • Automated alarms & notifications
  • Big data scenarios
  • Integration with third-party systems


With eSIM/SIM Management, it is possible to manage eSIMs and SIMs from any communication provider. If the provider does not have its own M2M management portal, the prepared information can be provided via a bulk upload tool. Alternatively, integration with other platforms can also be implemented via their interfaces. To do this, the solution only requires API access rights to the provider platforms with SIM permissions and connectivity to the respective infrastructure elements (Radius). The following options are possible:

  • Basic: With M2M platforms according to the communication providers used (Kite, GSDP, Malima, etc.)
  • Advanced: With the provider’s infrastructure elements (e.g. GGSN Radius)

By providing a service-oriented integration API, amplía’s OpenGate© eSIM/SIM Management also allows companies to seamlessly integrate their own processes (e.g. ticketing systems, etc.).


The OpenGate© eSIM/SIM Management allows companies to easily manage and monitor their IoT solutions or campus networks with eSIM/SIM cards. Users benefit from three key advantages:

  • Communication cost savings
  • Reduced complexity of technology and operations
  • Improvement and control of supplier relationships

eSIM transition: future-proof solution

OpenGate© eSIM/SIM Management supports legacy SIM, eSIM, hybrid infrastructures, and new communication technologies in one solution. This means companies have the opportunity to migrate more easily and more efficiently from traditional SIM cards to eSIMs. This has the following advantages:

  • More flexible operation
  • Greater independence from mobile network operators (profile management)
  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility to change the customer’s role in communications (virtual operators)


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