Accurate network configuration and efficient operating concepts for new business models

New technologies, rising demand for data services, including for new business models, and exploding data volumes combined with cost pressure: all of these aspects require constant optimization and expansion of mobile networks. This means that the correct network configuration – the foundation of a good-quality and cost-effective network – is becoming more and more challenging. MicroNova's network services solutions are developed specifically for this challenge.

As process-driven end-to-end solutions, they cover the entire configuration process. Thanks to the multi-vendor/multi-technology approach, mobile networks can be managed from a central location, and the equipment of different manufacturers or multiple technologies can be used and integrated, from GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) to UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and LTE (Long-Term-Evolution).

Accurate configuration of the entire network

Defining the network parameters on the basis of adjustable rules stored in the tools ensures error-free configuration of the entire network. This allows existing resources to be used optimally across vendor and technology boundaries, and the network quality is significantly improved. For example, a large number of consistency checks (across different technologies or focused on just one) are already stored in the system in COM5.Mobile Audit and can easily be supplemented by operator-specific tests.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) offer further possibilities for the configuration, optimization and maintenance of a customer-focused mobile network for operators. Both are based on the principle of virtualization and abstraction, which they implement differently with regard to functions and abstract resources to create a centrally managed network, thereby providing mobile network providers and campus network operators with a flexible, agile, and efficient network architecture.

Fast roll-out of new devices and technologies

The period of time from the planning phase to implementation can be significantly reduced thanks to standardized processes (time-to-market). New devices or technologies can be integrated into the existing mobile network much more quickly. Planning and integration costs can be reduced without impairing network quality. Even entire network technologies can be exchanged automatically (SWAP).

Effective operating concepts

Extensive automation of the processes required for network configuration also relieves the workload on the mobile network operator's staff. They need less time for routine tasks and can therefore deal more quickly with relevant tasks such as conflicts or errors. In addition to running costs, the modular architecture also significantly reduces integration and maintenance costs.

Flexible adaptations and enhancements

MicroNova's network services solutions can be flexibly adapted to the network operator's specific requirements and existing processes. At the same time, they can be easily extended to cover technologies such as LTE Advanced or 5G, or to integrate other vendors.

Proven in practice

For more than fifteen years, MicroNova's solutions have been in daily use by the world's leading mobile network operators – constantly proving their capabilities, stability and high availability. Continuous development in close cooperation with the users has resulted in easy-to-use solutions that support operators in their daily work. MicroNova also works closely with network equipment manufacturers to be able to integrate and deploy new software versions as quickly as possible.


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