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Sensing the Energy of Industry: More Efficient Energy Use through Transparency

At a time when energy costs are rising and regulatory requirements in the industrial environment are changing, innovative solutions are needed for greater efficiency and transparency in companies – because this saves costs and also opens up the way to a sustainable future. MicroNova provides the perfect answer with its IIoT energy management solution. Our services encompass consulting and analysis as well as direct assistance with the implementation of IIoT energy management tailored to your needs. Let us help you change the way you manage and use energy, especially electricity.

We rely on holistic energy management based on the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT), including its sensor and data environment, which is based on the following key elements: Purchase/sale of electricity, self-generation, storage and consumption. Integrating these key elements in an intelligent way with the help of special tools creates the necessary transparency for all aspects of consumption. The data obtained from our energy audit, in conjunction with a digital twin, provides the basis for reducing costs. This enables companies to boost their sustainability and increase their value.

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Our solutions will help you overcome the following challenges

High Energy Costs

Rising energy prices are a financial strain on businesses. Our solution will help you reduce your energy costs by identifying potential monetary savings and avoidable consumption.

Lack of Transparency about Energy Consumers

It is difficult to take effective measures to improve energy consumption without precise knowledge of the way your company uses energy. Our system delivers the transparency you need.

Upcoming EU Regulations

Laws and regulations concerning ESG criteria are subject to particularly dynamic change at present. Our system will help you take effective and planned action within this regulatory framework.

Your Own Sustainability Goals

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, we will help you to achieve the sustainability goals you set yourself – including energy transparency in the supply chain for stakeholders and customers.

Viability of In-house Electricity Generation

Investment in renewable energies such as photovoltaics, biomass, and wind power is a strategic decision. We will advise you on how to assess and integrate them into an appropriate IIoT energy management system, for example in order to optimize your own consumption and, where applicable, to enable you to participate in the electricity market.

Identifying and Applying for Grants

Our expertise in the power industry allows us to identify funding opportunities for your project and support you with the application process.

“Sensing the Energy of Industry”: With MicroNova as your partner, you are on the path to an efficient, sustainable future for electricity consumption etc. Learn more about our solutions and how they will help your business to improve its energy footprint.

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