How IIoT Energy Management Works

A holistic approach for process, machine and component level

Our IIoT energy management system brings transparency, control and optimization to your energy management operations, enabling you to achieve cost savings and make an additional contribution to your company’s bottom line.

How does IIoT Energy Management Work?

The approach is as simple as it is effective: Integrating advanced sensor technology directly on site in the specific environment – for example in the machinery of a production facility or in the electrical system – makes it possible to capture data in real time. This data forms the basis for a holistic analysis of your energy management. Our sensors are installed by carefully selected, specialist partners. It is also possible to make use of existing hardware.

The real-time data collected by the sensors is transferred – either via cable or wireless – to a data platform selected to match your specific requirements, ranging from IIoT solutions offered by large cloud hyperscalers to hybrid and on-premises approaches that offer the required technology stack – including robust security features. The platform forms the core of our IIoT energy management system and provides the basis for “your” digital twin. This is where the data is collated, processed and analyzed using dedicated algorithms.

It allows us to create the digital electricity twin of your business, and turn its data into actionable information to provide the necessary transparency and desired optimization of your energy consumption. An integral part of our service is that we show you specific ways in which you can achieve these savings operationally and provide you with advice on how to implement them.

A Peek behind the Tech Backdrop: Data Analysis and Added Value

The analysis of your data enables energy-related anomalies to be identified. It is possible to use machine learning (ML) and other areas of artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize the patterns involved in this process. The resulting valid data provides the basis for you to take crucial decisions regarding your energy management – from ongoing improvements to possible future (replacement) acquisitions.

With this approach, we address the three key levels of the approach:

  1. Process Level: Our analyses allow you to record the energy consumption for individual processes as well as for the overall process. In this way, we can support you in planning more energy-efficient production, for example.
  2. Machine Level: The data captured in real time delivers transparency about the power consumption of individual machines or, where necessary, individual components during the manufacturing process; this data can also be used to implement condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  3. Component Level: Using our data, you can allocate energy consumption to the production of individual components, enabling you to calculate costs in greater detail and also calculate the carbon footprint at component level; this information can also be used in, for example, ESG reports.

The Benefits to You of a Holistic Approach

MicroNova’s IIoT energy management system gives you a holistic view of energy as a cost driver, with a particular focus on these four key factors:

Purchase/Sale of Electricity

Benefit from the dynamics of electricity prices and use the opportunities for purchasing or possibly selling based on data-based decisions.


If you use renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, or are considering doing so, you will be provided with the information you need to optimize your own consumption. In addition, you will receive a reliable source of data for the decision to purchase or expand your installation.


You will receive all the data you need to manage the right time to feed temporarily surplus energy into a storage system or to reverse it. You will also be able to make reliable decisions regarding your own use or a sale at the best prices on the electricity market.

Power Consumers

The detailed data generated by our solution at machine level will enable you to identify anomalies and eliminate “power guzzlers”.

The following applies to each of the four key factors and to IIoT energy management as a whole: Comprehensive, flexible reporting mechanisms ensure that you can demonstrate your savings – at both machine and management level: Customizable reports make it possible to prepare the data in a way that is also accessible to non-technical decision-makers. The accompanying trend analyses and early warning alerts also help to attain long-term optimization.

MicroNova’s IIoT management system can be successfully deployed in any type of business. This applies regardless of whether energy from renewable sources such as photovoltaics, wind power or biomass is already available and whether it is stored temporarily.

Our service even takes you one step further in allowing you to determine whether the integration of such resources in your business will be cost-effective.

Place your Trust in Modularity and Flexibility for IIoT Energy Management

Would you like to continue using existing sensors and software platforms to protect your existing investments? Or would you prefer a complete proposal for an energy management solution, including recommendations for the most appropriate options? Regardless of whether you have already procured hardware for recording data or not, our concept will help you satisfy your specific requirements thanks to its modular and flexible design.

“Sensing the Energy of Industry”: Discover how you can guide your company towards a more efficient and sustainable future with IIoT energy management from MicroNova. Contact us to find out more!


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