Our Commitment for your IIoT Energy Management System

Sensing the Energy of Industry: Working together to more efficient energy use

Our Services and our Motivation

Our services include consulting and analysis as well as direct support for the implementation of our IIoT energy management:

Every company is unique, especially when it comes to its energy consumers. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their ecosystem and the potential it offers. Our aim is to work with you to design and implement your customized energy management system based on tried-and-tested modules, allowing you to set out on the path to a more efficient and sustainable future.

Our team of experts will work in partnership with you from the outset to ensure that your business can take full advantage of the possibilities offered by our solution – so that you can achieve maximum savings and efficiency gains. Our implementation services also include the selection of the right sensors; we are also happy to offer you installation from a single source together with highly effective partners. We provide continuous support, which is also part of our portfolio, to ensure that your IIoT energy management system operates smoothly and effectively.

Together with you, we aspire to create a more sustainable and cost-efficient energy future for your company. Discover how MicroNova can guide your business to optimized energy management.

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Why We Developed IIoT Energy Management

Energy sustainability is a living reality at MicroNova. It starts in production and extends to comprehensive savings measures and auditing. Take electricity, for example: MicroNova’s sole shareholder owns a hydroelectric power plant that generates almost 300,000 kWh of electrical energy. Our main building also has a photovoltaic power system with a peak output of 50 kW. This means that calculatory the group meets its entire electricity requirements from its own renewable source: On average, we generate more electricity than we consume.

Since clean production alone can only be a partial step, we have also partnered with Munich University of Applied Sciences to conduct our own energy audit. The results were instructive: The areas examined at MicroNova are generally highly efficient – and yet unexpected anomalies and a few outliers were also found in the building tested, which is still relatively new and therefore technically up-to-date. One of things identified was a load peak that always occurred in the evening after everyone had gone home. The cause was simple, but the effects were indeed far-reaching. The simultaneous switching on of all dishwashers by the cleaning service created a peak that affected how our electricity price was calculated. Another finding in the energy data was that our air conditioning system was running in a faulty program mode. Both discoveries resulted in direct, quantifiable cost savings, providing the impetus for the development of our IIoT energy management service...

Our software and data specialists now use the knowledge they gained with a passion and conviction when advising other companies. We help businesses to reduce their energy costs and minimize their environmental impact while increasing their competitiveness. You too can make the first steps towards an energy-optimized future – let’s take them together!

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