Development stages of mobile radio

Narrow Band IoT

Narrow Band IoT enables the efficient connection and control of a multiplicity of mobile or stationary devices to the Internet, independent of location and using existing mobile networks. COM5.Mobile from MicroNova guarantees mobile service providers an efficient and smooth initiating and implementation of this project.

Network Expansion & Optimization (SON)

Mobile network providers are more and more focusing on self-organizing networks; yet there are several “sticking points” to be considered.


5G is the next stage of development for mobile communication technology. The new standard differs, however, from previous network technology in that it is the ticket to a totally networked world. While the previous technologies were driven by the demand of bandwidth hungry customers and apps, 5G opens up new applications for a connected society. Along with its great bandwidth of up to 10 gigabits per second, the key factors in 5G technology are, above all, the extremely low network latency, low electricity consumption, and reliable data transfer. These allow new economic concepts and social models to be realized, including for example, the so-called Industry 4.0. Other often-mentioned fields of application include the buzzwords of our era: self-driving vehicles, telemedicine, and smart cities.


(Long Term Evolution)

Maintain existing processes and ensure smooth operation: These frame conditions are of major importance to mobile network operators when building and expanding an LTE network. At the same time, the introduction of LTE has significantly increased the complexity of neighbourhood or handover planning - because uninterrupted handovers with UMTS or GSM networks are basic conditions.

In order to support mobile network operators optimally in the network planning and operation, MicroNova AG has integrated the LTE technology into the Common Planning and Configuration Manager and in COM5.Mobile – Network Auditing. With both solutions and the help of a GUI, users can easily generate, manage and customize configuration parameters and configuration data sets required by LTE. Thanks to an integrated management of all system interfaces, the data is transmitted to the planning systems as well as the live network in the usual manner.


(Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)

UMTS is currently playing a central role in the fast transmission of data. To manage an existing UMTS network as well as its expansion, wireless carriers can use both, the Common Planning and Configuration Manager (COM5.Mobile) and COM5.Mobile – Network Auditing. Both solutions are technology- and vendor-independent.


(Global System for Mobile Communications; 2G)

The radio access technology 2G still provides a large number of cells in most of the radio access networks. Despite the introduction of newer technologies, such as UMTS or LTE, mobile network operators are facing the challenge to either keep up the current status of the existing GSM infrastructure or modernize it. COM5.Mobile supports GSM technologies for voice and data transmission.

Small Cells

from Femto to Micro

Femto, Pico or Micro Cell: Despite the small coverage from a few to several hundred meters, the small mobile cells have become integral elements of the mobile network - because they ease capacity constraints and close network gaps. However, to ensure a smooth interaction with the rest of the radio network, network operators must also consider to completely integrate the so-called Small Cells into the planning processes and operation.

Particularly the rapid availability of femto cells for end users requires a comprehensive and automated solution for network provisioning: The Common Planning and Configuration Manager from MicroNova, for instance, synchronizes the planning data of femto cells with the planning and operating data of the macro network.


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