CPCM Network Audit Plus – the next stage of the network audit solution

CPCM Network Audit Plus is the next stage of the network audit solution and is particularly suited to optimizing the radio parameters. The corresponding plug-in provides a graphical and file-based interface, which allows the user to make changes to the radio parameters and to transfer them to the live network. In addition, new neighborhoods can be added, and existing ones edited or deleted. Batch changes are also possible by means of a file-based interface, such as a change of frequency plan.

All dependent parameters are automatically reconciled based on engineering rules defined by the respective network operator. This ensures compliance with the required KPIs. The consistency of the modified activity data is checked again and ultimately reconciled with the current live network („Smart Delta“). Erroneous neighborhoods or inconsistencies with respect to engineering specifications are recognized by the system and displayed in this delta. The result of the Smart Delta is structured in the form of a hierarchical tree and displayed according to use cases. The operator can limit the result set by including filter rules and deploying this to the live network by means of the selective export functionality.

CPCM Network Audit Plus – with its integrated functionality for consistency checks, rules-based parameter reconciliation, and handover processing – addresses the key points of SON tools, which include Automatic Neighbor Relation (ANR) and parameter optimization.

CPCM Network Audit Plus directly relies on CPCM Network Audit and has the following additional functions:

  • Transfer of the current network configuration to the network plan (closed loop)
  • Closed-loop calibration with default values (templates) for specific stations, such as highway, indoor, outdoor, stadium, tunnel, etc.
  • Vendor and technology-neutral optimization of radio parameters via GUI or file interface, based on the vendor standard radio NBI
  • Detailed logging of all optimization measures: per user, operation, MOCs involved, value change (old/new), etc. – (change history)
  • Write functionality for the following radio use cases:
    • Adding and deleting neighborhoods (HOs)
    • Vendor, technology, and region-neutral neighborhood calibrations, including automatic processing of foreign cells
    • Automatic calibration of inconsistent neighborhood relations
    • SON ANR compliant
    • Bulk radio parameter changes such as frequency plan changes, scrambling code and pci changes, power values, etc.
  • Optional integration of radio engineering rules