Artificial Intelligence

Data Science and Machine Learning

Optimal use of artificial intelligence

Through the correct use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, many operating processes can be made significantly more efficient - especially with regard to the validation of autonomous driving functions. Data science is an important prerequisite for the development of AI systems. With the help of data pre-analyses and workshops, MicroNova's consultants identify the specific potential for improvement in your company.

In the field of artificial intelligence, in particular Narrow AI, MicroNova offers services around Machine Learning (ML) and focuses here primarily on so-called Deep Learning.

Deep learning uses algorithms that allow a system to train itself to perform specific tasks. Especially in software development, AI-supported automated testing can significantly accelerate processes.

Whether building the necessary IT infrastructure for scalable AI solutions or optimizing existing AI initiatives: We are looking forward to supporting you in your challenges around the use of AI.

Further Information

Terms & applications

Artificial intelligence in practice (German)

Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 18 minutes

  • Overview of artificial intelligence use cases (e.g., voice assistants, fraud detection, autonomous driving).
  • Explanation Strong vs. Weak AI
  • A brief history of AI
  • AI and Safety

AI services at a glance

Data Science: Consulting

Business Understanding

  • Identification of problems and KPIs
  • Synchronization of the AI strategy with business objectives
  • Transformation planning taking into account existing processes and infrastructure
  • Expansion and optimization of existing AI initiatives

Data Cleaning, Data Mining, Data Exploration

  • Data collection and preparation
  • Labeling via classification

    Predictive Modeling

    • Postprocessing of results from existing models
    • Performance analysis of existing models
    • Development and implementation of the algorithms

    Feature Engineering

    • Definition of the data required for a solution
    • Definition of the relevant parameters for a particular problem
    • Development and implementation of the algorithms

    Data Visualization

    Machine Learning: Reinforcement Learning, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning in combination with Regression

    Selection of suitable technologies and methods

    • Analysis of the operational processes
    • Innovation workshops and data pre-analyses

    Consulting on the use, evaluation and comparison of algorithms

    • Which algorithm fits which question?
    • Which key figures are available for certain algorithms?


    • Basic introduction to Reinforcement and Supervised Learning
    • Lectures on Reinforcement and Supervised Learning

    AI technologies (German)

    Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 18 minutes

    • Basic concepts of AI: Data Analytics, Evolutionary Algorithms, Machine Learning and Neural Networks
    • Requirements for Artificial Intelligence: handling of large amounts of data, robustness, generalization
    • Presentation of the functioning and training of an artificial neural network
    • Explanation of supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning

    Five steps to your AI concept

    Use cases for AI in the automotive sector

    Simulation models

    The creation of a so-called digital twin accelerates vehicle development, since ECU software can be tested in a virtual environment - without the need for a real prototype. This approach therefore requires an increasing number of simulation models. Especially with regard to autonomous vehicles, such models can virtually cover a wide range of different scenarios and factors.

    Neural networks are particularly suitable for vehicle components that are difficult to reproduce with physical modeling, such as individual parts of an engine. MicroNova Consulting supports companies in data analysis, in the selection of suitable AI technologies for modeling, and in the integration and validation of the individual model components.

    Test of AI

    The validation of AI systems in vehicles - especially driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicle functions - requires new test methods, such as scenario-based testing. The test environments required for this purpose must be able to integrate the ECU software and must also be massively scalable in order to carry out the high test efforts for autonomous driving functions in an acceptable time. MicroNova Consulting supports you with the conception, introduction and further development of processes, methods and tools for AI-based systems for autonomous driving. Other areas of application include functional safety according to ISO 26262 or the ASAM standard OpenSCENARIO.

    Error Mining

    One of the challenges in testing autonomous vehicles is how to evaluate the large amounts of test results in a meaningful and practical way. MicroNova Consulting supports the design and implementation of appropriate solutions.

    Sensor data analysis

    For a vehicle to be able to move autonomously on the road, it must be able to recognise its surroundings and to decide correctly which path it must take or which reaction is required. MicroNova Consulting supports companies in the design of solutions for object recognition, e.g. traffic light recognition, and in the calculation of routes based on trajectories.

    Implementation of AI projects (German)

    Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 14 minutes

    • Implementation of an AI project using the process models CRISP-DM and CRISP-ML
    • Project start and business understanding
    • Data preparation, data understanding and feature engineering
    • AI Modeling and Testing
    • Visualization and Deployment

    Use our experience to your advantage

    MicroNova consultants have many years of practical experience in their respective fields and have direct access to our experts in hardware and software development as well as testing. With MicroNova Consulting you get not only consulting, but also the knowledge and experience from more than 30 years of automotive engineering.

    Talk to us and find out how we can support you in your individual challenges!


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