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ISO 26262 Qualification of Virtual ECU


The qualification of a so-called “virtual control unit” (vECU for short) in accordance with ISO 26262 was commissioned as part of the development of a highly available ECU. This is software designed to act as a replacement for the physical control unit.

Project content and applied methods

  • Development of a concept for the implementation of qualification in accordance with ISO 26262
  • Execution of qualification using the “tool validation” method
  • Specification of the software subcomponents
  • Specification of use cases for the software
  • Error impact analysis for each use case
  • Specification of the error detection and correction measures for each use case
  • Evaluation of the results of test suites performed for the validation of the use cases
  • Preparation of a classification report
  • Preparation of a qualification report

Applied technical skills and tools

  • ISO 26262
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Customer-specific tool qualification instrument


  • Area: development
  • Product: Automotive ECU
  • Task: ISO 26262 qualification

Key data

  • Number of employees: 5
  • Project duration: 15 months
  • Country: Germany


Abdülkerim Dagli
+49 8139 9300-0


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