Automotive Testing: Continuous Integration with EXAM

REST API plug-in from MicroNova integrates EXAM into CI workflow with Jenkins

MicroNova has developed an EXAM REST API plug-in for deployment with the test automation solution EXAM in a continuous integration process (CIP). The new plug-in automates test execution in build environments such as Jenkins, thereby increasing efficiency in testing electronic control units. More results are available faster that can then be immediately and continuously fed back into the development process.

Build environments are playing an ever more important role in software tests involved in the development of electronic control units, since short development cycles and the continuous growth in vehicle functions and range of variants increase complexity and hence the demands placed on test tools and automation. Today, test cases are generally performed manually by test designers and coordinators on test benches. MicroNova has now automated this process for EXAM: the REST API plug-in integrates the test automation solution into the continuous development workflow (continuous integration (CI)) for the Jenkins platform.

Continuous Integration for ECU Tests

The plug-in connects the Jenkins CI system to EXAM via a REST interface, thereby enabling the test automation solution to be controlled remotely. This means that tests can be automated at various software development stages and performed continuously. This improves the utilization of the deployed test resources and allows the results from the development process to be used very quickly, leading to a reduction in test efforts and sources of error in the long term.

How It Works

Continuous integration with EXAM requires two elements: a Jenkins plug-in and an EXAM REST API plug-in. The Jenkins plug-in is available for download under an open-source MIT license from MicroNova provides the EXAM REST API plug-in subject to license. It is available under both node-locked and floating licenses.

Christoph Menhorn, Head of Test Automation at MicroNova, emphasizes the improved quality assurance that can be achieved through the connection: “Compared with a manual test launch involving a high degree of configuration effort, automating configuration and launch significantly reduces the error rate and thus ensures a consistently high level of quality. The high degree of automation also ensures continuous, automated testing at different software development stages. This means clear benefits in terms of flexibility as well as performance of software tests for electronic control units in build environments.”

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