XiL Software for Simulations and Real-World Testing

Optimized “NovaCarts Real-Time Suite” Allows Testing of Models, Software, and Hardware

Version V4 of the NovaCarts Real-Time Suite by MicroNova is now suitable for so-called X-in-the-Loop (XiL) tests. This means that engineers can use the real-time software platform for hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) tests as well as model-in-the-loop (MiL) and software-in-the-loop (SiL) simulations.

For example, simulation models and initial functions of controller software can be tested in a virtual test environment, very early on in the development process. Using HiL simulations with real-world control devices and real parts, developers can begin to replace the simulated environment – one after the other – later on in the project in a very fast manner. The current software version can be installed quickly and easily through an update.

MicroNova enhanced the software suite in the current version to allow users to construct a virtual test environment for models and software functions in the shortest time possible. This merely requires a workstation computer and two applications of the suite: The “NovaCarts Real-Time Software” – the Linux-based, real-time platform – and the test control “NovaCarts Test Operation Software”. The virtual test environment also works without any connection to a real-world test bench network. With this construction, developers can, for example, test the initial software functions for new or pre-existing control devices directly at their workplace. HiL tests can also be prepared with the software without having to be connected to a HiL simulator.

Classic Use with Test Systems of Any Size

As with the previous versions, the enhanced NovaCarts software is also suitable for use with classic test stations of any size. These range from small NovaCarts test systems with a single, real-time simulation board through to large HiL integrated systems with real control devices and vehicle parts for simulating an entire vehicle. Testers can use the new NovaCarts real-time suite either with or without I/O devices, with real or simulated control devices, or a multi-purpose control device. 

“Thanks to the additional functions, users such as automotive manufacturers and suppliers can now use our test software for an even larger range of test requirements and more agile test processes,” says Martin Bayer, Head of Testing Solutions at MicroNova. “This cuts costs because no additional software packets need to be bought, implemented, or learned for new projects. Furthermore, the NovaCarts real-time suite can be used to perform a lot of preliminary work on the content for the actual HiL tests in the virtual test environment. Hence, testing departments can make better use of the short operating times available for hardware-in-the-loop simulators.”

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