MicroNova joins “Electric Mobility South-West” and “Fuel Cell BW” clusters

E-mobility testing expertise

MicroNova is actively engaging in the clusters “Electric Mobility South-West” (Elektromobilität Süd-West) and “Fuel Cell BW” (Brennstoffzelle BW). The company has been contributing its skills in test systems for electronic components in the field of electromobility to the two networks since the beginning of 2020.

Electromobility, along with digitalization, is one of the central challenges for automotive companies and is leading to far-reaching changes in the global mobility industry. The two clusters aim to help actively shape this transformation process. They are coordinated by e-mobil BW GmbH, the innovation agency for new mobility solutions and the automotive sector of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Members come from business and science and are among the foremost innovators and pioneers in the field of e-mobility. This was also the reason why MicroNova applied to join.

“We have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in testing electronic automotive control components. Our test solutions address e-mobility, for example, in securing battery management systems, extending battery life, or improving the coordination of traffic flows. The expertise of our colleagues from the Telco Solutions unit also helps us in this respect and we are able to use these synergies for topics such as Car2X and 5G,” says Martin Bayer, Head of Testing Solutions at MicroNova. His colleague Abduelkerim Dagli, who is responsible for sales for the southwest region, adds; “Many of our existing customers are members as well, meaning that we can extend and share project knowledge. And we are eager to exchange information with new contacts. All those involved can learn and understand a lot through this type of networking.”

Cluster activities

Over 150 players from various sectors are engaged in the cluster Electric Mobility South-West, which has been operating under this name since 2010. The aim is to identify and exploit relevant innovation potential. To this end, the cluster supports its members particularly in the areas of networking and participation in funded research and development projects. As a new member, MicroNova will primarily contribute comprehensive expert knowledge in the field of development-related testing for electric mobility components. Important fields of application include battery management systems (BMS) and control systems for electric motors.

The Fuel Cell BW cluster, which was founded in 2013, is entirely dedicated to hydrogen technology. In addition to cluster meetings, it also organizes workshops and information events. Its more than 90 members likewise come from research, politics, and business. Its stated aim is to promote the market breakthrough of hydrogen technology with the fuel cell as a core component. MicroNova has already successfully completed projects in this area as well, in particular contributing expertise in securing control units for fuel cells (fuel cell control units, FCCUs).

About MicroNova

MicroNova has been a software and systems vendor since 1987 and offers products, solutions and services in three business areas: testing of automotive electronics, management of mobile radio and communication networks including solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the distribution of IT and project management solutions. 320 experts work with technological competence and passion at the headquarters in Vierkirchen near Munich and at eight other locations in Germany and the Czech Republic. Numerous customers such as Audi, BMW, Continental, Telefónica Germany, Vodafone Germany and Volkswagen rely on MicroNova's expertise.

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