BMS Expertise for China

MicroNova's experts provide insights into the company's China strategy

Electric mobility is booming in Europe, but the greatest growth potential is currently in the Chinese market. The software and systems house MicroNova specializes, among other things, in the testing of electric motors and battery management systems. Martin Bayer, Head of Testing Solutions, and Franz Dengler, Senior Technical Expert HiL Simulation, present MicroNova’s China strategy and explain the challenges and opportunities in the BMS market.

InNOVAtion: The growth rate of new registrations for electric cars is impressive. In China, 142,445 electric cars were purchased in the first quarter of this year alone. 

Martin Bayer: The country has been the fastest-growing automobile market for several years now. With its impressive sales figures China is currently the key market, especially in the field of electric mobility. As a testing specialist, however, we are not exclusively interested in the expected sales of electric vehicles themselves, given that most of our business is generated through product development. And this is where the greatest potential lies in China in the coming years, especially since the electric sector is regulated by the state. 

With the Chinese government's electrical quota coming into force in 2019 and further raising in 2020, manufacturers will have to further increase their e-sales. For VW, the largest German manufacturer in China with some 3 million cars sold, these standards will have a direct effect on both company strategy as well as the pace of development. Enormous amounts of capital investment in electric mobility have been announced. In the coming years, the VW concern plans on manufacturing up to 50 different models with alternative drives, a number far higher than originally planned. The product range of electrically powered vehicles offered by other manufacturers is likely to develop in a similar manner. 

The battery constitutes the core of each electric car. It can account for up to a third of a vehicle’s value. In order to keep this component healthy and running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, a properly functioning battery management system (BMS) is absolutely indispensable. The testing of this system is therefore equally important to the development process. And this is where MicroNova comes into play.

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