Hardware-Related Programming From specific measurement methods to real-time critical applications

"We develop hardware-related, problem-oriented and user-friendly solutions – efficiently and fast."

The design and implementation of turnkey software solutions for testing applications often require the combination of high-level applications and hardware-related algorithms. For example, real-time critical applications must be performed on the test object or distributed algorithms must be realized via embedded modules together with modern user interfaces or web applications. These hardware-related elements confront the development staff with major challenges. So, for example, high-level applications consider abstract interfaces and are often implemented in an object-oriented manner. In some cases web technologies or other frameworks are used. In contrast, there are numerous challenges the engineers are facing in the development of hardware-related software. FPGA expertise is essential: Frequently it happens that a base operating system must be co-developed and other programming languages are used.

As a long term solution provider for HiL test benches MicroNova has an extensive know-how in the software development which is complemented by a vast experience in the implementation of hardware-related developments. For example, FPGA or microcontroller-based systems are part of every HiL system. Also, the real-time capability is another decisive criterion MicroNova is very well aware of.

Therefore, the employees of MicroNova are optimally prepared to plan problem-oriented and customized solutions efficiently, fast and successfully and put them into practice, even if hardware-related elements are involved.