Customized Software Solutions and Applications Perfectly Tailored to Meet Your Requirements

We develop custom-made software for development, IT, after-sales, and production-related departments in the automotive field. We specialize in solutions that facilitate the management and processing of technical data, and improve the efficiency of associated processes and workflows.

We turn your vision or specific requirements into complete software solutions perfectly tailored to meet your needs: From fleshing out the basic idea and drafting, specifying, and preparing the functional requirements, through to implementing, rolling out, and operating the finished solution.

Examples of Possible Projects and Subject Areas

  • Configuration management for test data and development tools
  • Custom-made solutions for managing development and test data
  • User portals for employees, developers, etc.
  • Mobile applications (e.g. vehicle testing)
  • Enterprise solutions for distributed applications
  • Solutions for managing different types of product data (including product variants, flash data, etc.)
  • Applications for test data management and visualization
  • Custom-made solutions for data migration (e.g. test data, measurement data, development data)

Our Core Competences

  • Software engineering for the development and after-sales fields in the automotive industry
  • Managing and processing technical data, processes, and workflows
  • Development of enterprise applications
  • Clarification of requirements and draft planning in close cooperation with specialist departments
  • Process-compliant development in consideration of corporate guidelines
  • Safeguarding of software operations and support
  • Build and configuration management
  • Comprehensive service and competent advice

We only use state-of-the-art technologies and tools in the development process.

Benefits of a Customized Solution

  • Perfectly aligned with your requirements, processes, and workflows
  • You determine what features you need exactly without having to compromise on important functions
  • You create the optimum conditions for productive work and high-quality results

Why MicroNova?

  • 30 years of experience in the fields of software development and projects
  • A high degree of competence in everything concerned with testing, control equipment, and vehicle development as well as agile development
  • Many years of experience with large software projects
  • Knowledge transfer across specialist domains
  • Always on time, always on budget
  • Established processes for a high level of quality
  • Complete range of services from a single source

Our References

Learn more about our references here.