Our Commitment

Continuity instead of short-term trends or a focus on quarterly performance: When it comes to commitment, MicroNova takes the long-term view rather than adopting the latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) trends. We believe that actions speak louder than words and that ideas born from convictions need to be lived and not just talked about.

  • Cooperation with Universities and Colleges: Promotion of Young Academics

    Cooperation with Universities and Colleges: Promotion of Young Academics

    MicroNova has worked closely with colleges and universities over many years. For example, MicroNova AG has given long-term support to the faculties of Electrical Engineering as well as for Computer Science and Mathematics at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Among other things, MicroNova AG supports students by providing assistance to many undergraduate, graduate, and master theses.

    “We have been working successfully with the Munich University of Applied Sciences for more than ten years now. MicroNova supports students in their final thesis and also holds positions on both the associations of friends and patrons of the university. This commitment will continue to form part of the key pillars of our company”, explains MicroNova-founder Josef W. Karl.

    MicroNova is also in close contact with the Technical University of Munich, the University of Applied Sciences Landshut, and the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences.

  • Sport and Youth Development: TSV Jetzendorf

    Sport and Youth Development: TSV Jetzendorf

    MicroNova not only helps its customers on-site. TSV Jetzendorf, the local sports club in MicroNova's home-town, can also count on the company’s support. Josef W. Karl, the CEO of MicroNova AG, explains why: “Being a father from Jetzendorf myself, the outstanding work the club does with young people has convinced me to help my hometown club. 1,600 active members in a community of some 3,000 inhabitants is testament to the impressive commitment and the openness that exist here.”

    Teamwork and a desire for success are part of an active club membership just as much as within a successful company. In order that the club's gymnasts can build on their already remarkable performances, MicroNova supports the club through financial assistance and, perhaps most significantly, through the donation of equipment, sportswear, trophies and medals. The long-standing support of the sports club serves as a mirror to our company philosophy of building for the long-term, a philosophy which, more and more, is to be found only in owner-managed companies, free of the pressure of quarterly dividends.

    MicroNova regularly reports on the successes of the club's gymnasts in its customer magazine (available in German only).

    Andreas Mayr, German National Champion 2003 and winner of multiple Bavarian Championships: “MicroNova's commitment is extremely important for gymnastics in Jetzendorf. We are proud that the company identifies itself with Jetzendorfer gymnasts. We know that we can put our trust in a reliable partner. Through our efforts and our success I'm sure that we can also give something back.”