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Safe Battery Storage and Transportation

NovaCarts Charger enables batteries to be placed in a secure state for transportation and storage

All batteries currently used in electric cars have one thing in common: certain precautions must be taken to maintain their quality for as long as possible during storage and to transport them safely to their destinations. For example, regularly charging batteries to their maximum residual capacity prevents their service life shortening. Lithium batteries in particular, which are frequently used...

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Automotive Expertise for Wind Energy

Enercon GmbH relies on solutions from MicroNova for the development of wind turbines

Wind energy is one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources. Wind turbines are becoming more widespread and their technological development is advancing at a rapid pace. As product cycles in this industry are becoming ever shorter – similar to what is happening in the automotive sector – manufacturers are looking for ways to make development more efficient and faster. Modern and...

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EXAM UserDay 2019 Recap

The upcoming EXAM version and exiting projects were the focus of this year´s meeting of EXAM users

In previous years the annual UserDay had been held at VW or Audi, i.e. in Wolfsburg or Ingolstadt. This year’s meeting was hosted by MicroNova for the first time. At the company’s head office in Vierkirchen, CEO Orazio Ragonesi together with Martin Bayer, Director Testing Solutions, and Christoph Menhorn, Head of Test Automation, welcomed the approx. 60 participants and opened the afternoon. In...

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Interview with Vodafone

Klaudius Koschella, the Head of Central Optimisation & Config Center about the use of COM5.Mobile

The InNOVAtion editorial team talked to him about the use of COM5.Mobile at Vodafone.

InNOVAtion: Mr. Koschella, Vodafone operates mobile and fixed line networks in several countries, managed via the central Network Operations Center, also known as NOC. How does COM5.Mobile help you?

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Fuel Cells and E-Fuels

NovaCarts supports automotive manaufacturers to efficiently test alternative powertain technologies

The increasing scarcity of living space and rising real estate prices are driving more and more people out of the cities and into the surrounding regions. However, public transport connections are so far failing to keep up with this trend: high prices, delays, cancellations and overcrowding ensure that most commuters still drive to work by car. The resulting increase in pollutant emissions –...

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COM5.Mobile Redesign

MicroNova adapted COM5.Mobile to the growing requirements of mobile network operators

Besides optimum coverage, the consistent and error-free configuration of the Radio Access Network (RAN) is crucial for both the network quality and the quality ultimately perceived by the customer. Standard software provides mobile network operators (MNOs) with network and service monitoring as well as network optimization, albeit there is usually a gap in network configuration. However, this...

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5G introduction in Germany

A commentary on the expansion of the German mobile communications network

The media landscape in Germany may cause frowns: mobile communications overall was a tragedy; there were too many dead spots as well in the countryside as in the railway system, the stability would be inadequate; and of course the prices were too high when compared with other countries. As clear as it may be that there is room for improvement in the mobile network as a whole – especially when it...

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Optimize Development Processes with Continuous Integration

New EXAM plug-ins enable continuous testing of control unit software

In the area of ECU development, the continuous increase in vehicle functions raises the complexity and thus the demands on test tools and test automation. The further development of autonomous driving technology and the increase in the number of Car2X functions make it necessary to test an ever-greater variety of scenarios. The development cycles in software programing have become much shorter...

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Complete Simulation of Electric Machines

Powerful test systems from MicroNova for various electric motor technologies

Different electric motor technologies require high-performance test systems for validation. This requires extensive simulations consisting of hard- and software.

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New Solution Package for Mobile Network Operators

MicroNova expands COM.5 offering in cooperation with Expandium

With Telefónica Germany and Vodafone Germany, two of the world's top five mobile network operators in Germany have been successfully relying on MicroNova's COM5.Mobile solutions for radio access network (RAN) management for many years. Be it vendor-neutral and cross-technology offerings for network expansion and optimization, planning and configuration of the RAN, Network Function Virtualization...

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