Outlook: Further Development of the Business Park Vierkirchen

Interview with founder Josef W. Karl

Josef W. Karl, founder, owner and chairman of the supervisory board of MicroNova, reports again about the tasks he is currently carrying out for his company.

InNOVAtion: InNOVAtion: Most recently we talked about your "retirement" after your retirement from active management... The expansion of the Vierkirchen location through the construction of the Vierkirchen Business Park involved a lot of work - what is your schedule after the successful move-in?

Josef W. Karl (JWK): Still full! There is still a lot to do, as it is on such a big construction site. This will continue for a while. But of course I am very happy that we have moved into the Business Park Vierkirchen at number Unterfeldring 6 (#6), our second building next to the current and still used office building #17 in Vierkirchen. It was a lot of work, because it is not easy to get good people for building projects at the moment. I am all the more pleased that things worked out so well for us. This also applies to our internal relocation team. IT and facility management have enabled us to continue working for our customers without interruption. Now all employees benefit from more "RoomForInnovation". Because I want to emphasize that I didn't build for myself. It is a building block on the way to securing the future and growth of the company on a long-term and solid basis.

InNOVAtion: What are the other building blocks to keep MicroNova on course for long-term success?

JWK: We will continue to use our building #17, with which the success story in Vierkirchen began, and will carry out the first modernization measures for a faster network while we still have our rented other rooms at Unterfeldring available. We will also work continuously to ensure that everyone will always find modern workplaces. And to answer the question in conclusion: Following his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and information technology, my son Maximilian has recently successfully completed his master's degree in systems engineering, so that the next generation is already in the starting blocks. Fortunately, however, we are not in a hurry, as all management positions work well and are filled with exactly the right time perspectives. Maximilian can therefore gain the necessary experience in other companies for a few years. But it is very important to me to ensure continuity and stability in ownership. I think this is very good for customers and employees.

InNOVAtion:What is the future of operational business at MicroNova Campus?

JWK: The Executive Board is primarily responsible for the content of the operating business, which in my opinion works excellently. So I don't have to "interfere", at the same time we have a good working relationship and coordinate closely. In line with the good market and order situation, we will push the very successful Testing Solutions and Telco Solutions units even further ahead. A major task at present is to find enough good employees to expand the divisions. Fortunately, we can score as an attractive employer.

What I would like to add to the new company building: Actually, the word "campus" is a little too ambitious for me personally. On the other hand, we now actually have a coherent complex of several buildings. This is all the more true since we already have plans for any further construction phases "in the drawer", so to speak. I still believe that a conservative, long-term strategy is the be-all and end-all for entrepreneurial success. This naturally includes the office infrastructure for MicroNova, but also many other topics such as succession and the future portfolio. I still see us on a very good path there.


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