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Powerful architecture, IoT infrastructure including devices, system integration, optimized processes and data analysis

The Industrial Internet of Things has established itself as a central and worldwide communication platform, which, in addition to areas of everyday life, has primarily penetrated economic activity and continues to do so.

In the IoT environment, MicroNova works closely with the Spanish experts at amplía and, using the OpenGate© Framework, and offers tailor-made solutions for companies wanting to benefit from the numerous advantages of the IoT and expand their business model to include IoT solutions. 

IoT: The Internet of Things

Connecting the physical world with the virtual is setting the pace for all economically relevant topics, such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, or Smart Mobility. And the Internet of Things will continue its rapid growth: Analysts predict more than 50 billion interconnected products worldwide in 2021.

IoT with MicroNova!

Whether new services or direct access to valuable plant and machine data: MicroNova is paving the way for companies to enter the IoT age – with an extensive and forward-looking portfolio. With all components and solutions from a single supplier, from data acquisition and processing, to data communication and data analysis.

Collected data is analyzed, evaluated, and integrated into IoT concepts using the latest technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, etc. – from interconnected devices (Machine-to-Machine, M2M). With more than 30 years of experience, our experts can develop and deploy specific solutions for the unique problems faced by our customers, in simple and coordinated steps.

Turning data into revenue – quickly and easily with the right partner

MicroNova’s extensive industry knowledge is the basis for making the right decisions to achieve a powerful general architecture of the OpenGate© IoT Framework. This allows enterprises in particular to convert their data into real usable figures and use these for the IT-based optimization of business processes – or provide corresponding customer projects with these IoT benefits.

This approach seamlessly captures all the necessary resources for the project. Thanks to the experience and expertise of MicroNova partner and OpenGate© developer amplía, customers receive optimum support, regardless of the maturity of their IoT project – for long-term success at low cost.

The Internet of Things and the digital transformation

IoT Business Case

IoT is not an end in itself. In order to achieve added value and productivity gains in specific use cases, MicroNova helps with the goal-oriented development of custom IoT solutions. Always in focus: Carefully considered design, high level of user acceptance, and optimization of business-critical processes.

Proof of Concept

An IoT business idea must be mature – MicroNova supports the development of an initial solution concept via a Proof of Concept, which takes into account individual ideas and requirements and provides a resilient decision-making template for later implementation.


IoT implementation

Successful implementation is the first step. After that, it is a matter of consolidating, centralizing, and optimizing – the key challenges for managing associated industrialization processes and therefore for successful project implementation. Again, companies can count on the expertise of the MicroNova team.

Keeping a close eye on time and costs

With the powerful tools and functions of OpenGate©, companies can significantly shorten and optimize implementation times for IoT projects and keep costs low. MicroNova supports all phases of the project: Selection of devices and sensors, system architecture, definition and design, and data evaluation and analysis – including KPIs and presentation of the business productivity gained.

  • Architecture design
    First and foremost, we design a high-performance architecture that addresses critical and business-relevant issues. This also lays the foundation to increase productivity and/or reduce costs over the course of use.
  • Communication infrastructure and IoT devices
    Among other things, this project phase is about selecting the right IoT devices, namely the devices and sensors that capture the data and make it available for analysis. When designing the communication infrastructure, the selection of the mobile network provider also plays a decisive role, as this has a significant impact on the subsequent operating costs.
  • System integration
    Optimum integration into a company’s existing IT landscape or ecosystem is crucial to achieving real productivity gains. After all, every IT implementation – whether a newly introduced system or a replacement one – brings with it its own unique requirements: Coordinating the various databases, optimizing organizational models, and automating manual processes are among the many tasks involved in integration.
  • Optimized process control
    The (newly) captured IoT data plays an important role in optimized process control. Seamless integration into existing processes ensures high levels of user acceptance. Modeling of the process implementation must happen close to the requirements of the specialist departments and together with the users. When all data is linked to the respective model in the leading systems via suitable keys, companies benefit from a consistent gain in information.
  • Data analysis and dashboard designs
    A clear presentation is key for the efficient visual use of IoT-generated information – it ensures an overview of the status of all elements of the IoT solution. With informative and easy-to-use dashboards, companies can efficiently and effectively analyze millions of items of data and information for value-added use.

Optimum project management

In a highly dynamic and complex world, MicroNova’s team of IoT experts is improving its competencies and increasing its knowledge every day. This means companies’ current and future tasks and challenges can be solved regardless of the complexity involved – for every industry, for every specialist field.


Change management for increased user acceptance

New processes and technologies only realize their full productivity potential when users apply the IT solution consistently. Change management is a proven instrument for maximizing user acceptance. This means even active processes can easily be adapted in retrospect, while preserving the consistency of the data and workflow instances. MicroNova focuses on building projects in partnership with customers – from initial discussions through to training for usage and maintenance.


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