COM5.Mobile Integrator

For an automated network roll-out process

Like the Optimizer, Integrator is also based on Audit. This product from the COM5.Mobile family complements the capabilities of its sister solutions and is specially designed to handle use cases relating to the roll-out and integration of radio parameters. Site integrations, rehomings, network upgrades as well as changes in hardware and transmission are examples of areas of application.

To perform these tasks, the tool has connectivity to the radio, transmission, and equipment network planning tools. In addition, the active network can be addressed via the vendor-specific standard NVB interfaces. Similar to COM5.Mobile Optimizer, corresponding engineering policies form the basis for integration tasks in the respective fields of application.

Improving planning consistency

COM5.Mobile Integrator checks the consistency of radio, device and transport planning data during import. If there are variances, users can correct the relevant parameters directly in the tool. The respective data records can only be transferred to the network after this delta analysis has been passed – provided that they have been approved by the respective operator. Additionally, a “pre-delta mechanism” calculates all open and valid integration tasks on the basis of the available planning and current live data.

Then COM5.Mobile Integrator creates the corresponding configuration files, which can be activated in the network if required. The commissioning file can be accessed remotely via a special front-end, e.g. by a field service technician, and downloaded if required. At the same time, a monitor displays the integration status of the tasks. This can also be provided in report form at any time. An integrated scheduler allows work steps to be bundled, opening up the possibility of automating most processes.

Important Functions

COM5.Mobile Integrator contains a complete integration into the system landscape of a mobile network operator, including adaptation to the existing processes

  • The COM5.Mobile Integrator is based on the COM5.Mobile Audit and is used to handle integration applications such as site integration or hardware changes
  • The tool connects to the network planning tools for radio, transport, and equipment as well as to the live network via the manufacturer-specific standard interfaces. Similar to the COM5.Mobile Full Scope, the basis for the supported integration use case is the network design specification.
  • An integrated monitor displays the integration status for each site (delta between plan data and live data)
  • Backlog and failure reduction: Inconsistencies are detected very early in the process, during the approval of the planning data. Only consistence data will be imported in the plan pool. A pre delta mechanism identifies all open integration use cases and updates the status of the already open use cases (backlog).
  • Multiuser capability
    • The activation of the Integration Use Cases can be processed in parallel by different users
    • Working with the optimizer and integrator is decoupled and can be done in parallel
  • A synchronization mechanism with the Radio Optimizer and the Core Config plugin is available. There is also a reporting and notification interface.
  • The main use cases are:
    • Site integration / reconfiguration (including the initial handovers outgoing) & Rehoming
    • Transport changes & Hardware changes
    • Carrier extensions or reductions & TRX extensions or reductions

Conclusion: An investment to safeguard quality

Like the other products of the COM5.Mobile family, the Integrator follows the zero-touch concept. With this user-friendly approach and comprehensive functionality, MicroNova has created a tool for MNOs that maximizes roll-out efficiency and quality for current and future 5G networks. Thanks to automation and extensive testing, this is accompanied by a high level of quality in the network.


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Head of Product Management Telco Solutions
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