High quality for railway operating networks


With the COM5.Rail software from MicroNova, railway operators can monitor and systematically optimize the service quality of their railway operating networks. Possible disruptive effects from, for example, public mobile networks or environmental influences can be quickly and easily detected and eliminated, guaranteeing reliable service and satisfied customers. COM5.Rail uses the measurement data of regional and supra-regional trains to analyse railway operating networks, which it can correlate to external data from public mobile network providers. In addition to that, the solution uses data mining technologies and algorithms to establish correlations between data.

Optimized for Rail Infrastructure

In order to help the railway companies to maintain their leading position in terms of safety, COM5.Rail offers numerous features for the monitoring of GSM-R and ETCS/ERTMS security. Abnormalities are quickly detected through the permanent monitoring of the ETCS/ERTMS signal data transmission. In the case of disruptions, the solution generates automated alarms and detailed error reports. COM5.Rail frees the user from onerous tasks. Graphic dashboards controlled by data mining technology alarm the user automatically and systematically while allowing him or her to concentrate on what is important. In this way the solution helps to minimize operating risks and increase value creation, leading to a faster Return-on-Investment (ROI). 
COM5.Rail incorporates techniques and processes for collecting, evaluating, and displaying information in detail for the purpose of preventing disruptions before they occur. In addition, the system allows all events in the entire route network to be recorded for any trip with all the transmission points over any given period of time. Based on collected measurement data, key performance indicators are defined and then evaluated using manual or automated analysis methods. Configurable dashboards and geographic maps allow users to quickly detect any abnormalities or disruptions and their effects. Visually highlighted analysis procedures help users better understand relevant contexts and thereby improve established processes and procedures. 

For the COM5.Rail project, MicroNova closely cooperates with Triorail GmbH & Co. KG, a well-established company that has, for many years, successfully supplied GSM-R modules, modems and test devices  possessing extraordinarily robust receiver characteristics. These ensure the best possible database due to their granular measurement properties. 

Main Characteristics

  • Simple usage through the application of predefined use cases
  • Integratable into existing processes and deployment scenarios with minimal effort
  • Designed for large data volume (big data approach)
  • Optimized for railway infrastructure

The systems are installed directly in the trains where they automatically supply data via a central Big Data platform, which is then evaluated and processed by COM5.Rail. The COM5 base platform (formerly CPCM) as been a well-established system for the configuration management of mobile phone networks for many years. Two of the three providers in Germany, Vodafone and Telefónica, rely on COM5 for their combined almost 90 million subscribers.

Features & Advantages


One of the main goals of the ETCS/ERTMS and the GSM-R network is making its use compatible across countries as well as technologies. When a train crosses a national border or leaves the operating range of an equipment manufacturer (radio access network, onboard, railway track system), both the roaming quality of incoming and outgoing connections as well as a full range of features for analyzing the operation of the railway line or the train itself must be ensured. COM5.Rail helps to ensure this interoperability.


So that the railway operators can maintain their leading position in the area of operational safety, COM5.Rail offers numerous features for monitoring GSM-R and ETCS/ERTMS security, for example, railway emergency call (REC) or train emergency stop monitoring 24/7 (optional). In case of disruptions, the solution can generate the appropriate alarms or reports. The continuous control of the on-board signaling of ERTMS data transmission makes it possible to detect abnormalities reliably and quickly.


COM5.Rail is able to record incidents in the entire ERTMS network in any given period of time, and comprehensively evaluate them using Big Data techniques. In so doing the data can be precisely reproduced and compared with each other in case of an incident. Railway operators thus have the ability to understand the cause of a disruption. In this way, they can appropriately re-engineer procedures so that similar incidents can be avoided. 


COM5.Rail is designed to be user oriented in order to make all saved data readily available for analysis. The graphic user interface offers numerous possibilities to display user-specific use cases on the dashboard. The expanded drilldown functionality enables the user, for example, to switch directly between the KPIs and the cause of error and its effects.


COM5.Rail offers a continuous real-time monitoring of the quality of service (QoS) for RX level and quality in the ETCS/ERTMS and the GSM-R network. In particular, COM5.Rail enables:

  • the detection of interference disruptions (e.g., intermodulation “IM3”), caused by interaction with other networks. Depending on its availability, data from public mobile network operators can be used to identify the source of disruption. COM5.Rail displays critical points as IM3 disruptions, along with their corresponding probability of error as well as the potential causes (Top-5 readout). In this way, a quick and targeted fault elimination is possible.
  • automatic alarming for incidents (optional), especially for railroad emergency calls or when the QoS value falls below a certain level.
    The definition of incidents, KPI  indicators or thresholds can be set by the user. 
  • identification and diagnosis of potential disrupters concerning KPI, such as spots, services, release causes, equipment, performance classes of end devices, etc.
  • comprehensive analysis and error diagnosis of ETCS/ERTMS and GSM-R services.
  • quantification of effects from network changes on the service quality of GSM-R and ETCS/ERTMS, for example, the adaptation to new parameters or the addition of a new route.
  • automatic and reoccurring report generation (including email notification). Operators can use native COM5.Rail railway reports or generate their own.

Com5.Rail at a Glance

  • Data Mining: Die COM5.Rail-Architektur ist für eine sehr schnelle Verarbeitung von Daten optimiert, wie sie bei Messungen im Mobilfunknetz typisch ist. Externe Daten, etwa Umwelteinflüsse, Wetterdaten, außergewöhnliche Ereignisse zu bestimmten Zeitpunkten etc., lassen sich einfach integrieren und nutzen.
  • Scalable: Die COM5.Rail Multi-Tier-Architektur unterstützt Stand-alone oder Client-Server-Installationen sowie die Nutzung in virtuellen Umgebungen.
  • User-friendly: COM5.Rail bietet eine benutzerfreundliche grafische Oberfläche zu allen Systemfunktionen: Datenimport, Reporting, kartenbasierte geografische Analysen und SQL-Abfragen.


  • Dashboards & Maps: COM5.Rail converts data into information with added value. The graphic display (including satellite view), with its numerous filter and visualization features  for example, for individually defined train movements and individual radio cells that can be switched from one cell to the next enables a quick overview as well as a thorough analysis.
  • Innovative: COM5.Rail provides flexible features, such as customizable dashboards and report templates.
  • Open: With its open, database-supported structure, COM5.Rail enables basic SQL queries as well as the use of third-party data along with cross-database application.


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